Vitamix Lady

For three and a half years, I was known as the “Vitamix Lady”.  Now I am the “Blender Lady”.

My website has grown in popularity because it is a helpful source for recipes, tips, and information to help Vitamix owners all over the world get the MOST use out of their Vitamix machines.  Over the years, people from many forums, blogs, yahoo groups, etc. linked to Now these resources are all available here on the website. I would be very grateful if you run across any links to my old web address, if you would send me a link (to where you saw the old address listed) so I can inform the site owner of the change.

Web addresses or names of other websites linking to can be sent to me at:

If you ended up here because you are trying to decide which Vitamix Blender Model to buy, please be sure to check out my “Vitamix Buyer’s Guide” where you can get Personalized Shopping Assistance, and information on the differences between the various Vitamix Blender models.

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