Tower Garden


Aeroponic (Grows in Water + Nutrients)

Many Vitamix owners eventually consider growing their own vegetables, and Green Smoothie lovers get tired of paying lots of $ for organic greens.  If you are anything like me (have a brown thumb, and just too busy to tend to a garden) the thought of growing your own greens and vegetables never gets past the, “that would be a good idea” stage! 😉  But I recently found a Complete Turnkey Gardening System that is blowing me away!  I spent about one hour setting the system up (pictures below), and have done almost nothing else except add water/nutrients and watch my greens and veggies grow!

As of right now, I don’t have time to flesh out on this web page everything I want to say about my Tower Garden, but in short, I am amazed, and I PROMISE you that if I can do this – ANYONE can!  I LOVE taking my Vitamix Container over to my Tower Garden, filling it up with greens and making a Green Smoothie!  The Greens I’m growing include luscious and especially delicious Kale, Swiss Chard, Lettuce, and Parsley.  Pictures are being added as my garden grows…

“The Tower Garden costs $43 a month and by the 3rd month, you’ll get more produce off the tower than your payment costs. Take the $43 out of your grocery budget. After a year, when you’ve paid off the tower garden, it will cost you less than $10 a month to grow $60-$100 worth of fresh fruits and veggies in your backyard.  10 years from now, when the price of produce has doubled, you won’t care, because you will be growing your own!”  Get FREE of Big Agra, GMOs, and Monsanto and Grow Your Own Produce with EASE!


To Buy a Tower Garden, click above, which takes you to:

The Tower Garden can be financed over 12 months with NO Financing Fee!
Contact me if you have any questions about the Tower Garden.  

In the meantime, check out these pictures showing my Tower Garden from delivery, to set up, planting, maintenance, and harvest!

Boxes Delivered
Ordered on a Tuesday, and the boxes were delivered on Friday!


opening box first layer

opening box second layer

opening box layer three

opening box 4th layer

dolly before assembly

dolly assembled

pump and cord











What seedlings are planted where.






more babies in new home












planted tower







tomatoes and vines on bottom











one week's growth

may 16
From May 1st until May 16th I’ve done NOTHING but watch the plants grow! Now it is time to add some water to the tank to make up for evaporation.

one week 2





RV filter de-chlorinates the water
I am using a food safe 5-gallon bucket to measure the water I put into the reservoir, so I can add the right amount of nutrients.
If you plan ahead, you can let tap water sit out in the full sun for two days (this will let the chlorine evaporate), or, if you don’t plan ahead (like me) you can run over to Walmart and pick up an RV water filter (removes the chlorine).




TT a and b




test the ph
Then all I had to do was measure the PH of the water. It was on the acidic side, so I had to add PH+ to raise the PH to the right level. It doesn’t sound very clear in my description right here, but trust me, the literature that comes with the Tower Garden is easy to understand,
and if I can do this ANYONE CAN!
All of this took 20 minutes TOPS and that is all of the “Work” I’ve done in the first 16 days. I won’t mess with it again for another week!
This is the EASIEST Gardening I’ve EVER done!




Day #26
This is what my Tower Garden looked like on Day #28 right after I got home from a 7-day show, and 10-days after the picture above titled, “May 16th”. Between May 16th and Day #28 I did nothing… WOW!
The water level was low, so I filled it up again (just like in the pictures above). It took 15 gallons (three 5-gallon buckets full) and all I had to do was add 100 ml of Tonic A and Tonic B to each 5-gallon bucket full.






Dean Salad
Having my veggie-phobic middle son VOLUNTARILY pick greens off of the Tower Garden to make a salad is Priceless!






Dean Salad 2
Dean taking a picture of his salad to post on his FB page, while I am taking a picture of him taking a picture of his salad. 😉








Austin Salad
Austin (my oldest) is also not the biggest veggie eater, and also ate a salad off of the Tower Garden. Austin asked for croutons and ranch dressing for future salads – this is a huge! Both boys VOLUNTARILY asked to get salads off of the Tower Garden – it wasn’t my suggestion – Woo Hoo!



baby tomatoes






Tower Garden produces Baby Cucumbers by Day #28
I found these baby Cucumbers on Day #28


Cucmbers Day 35
7 days later (Day #35) I had full grown Cucumbers!



Full Grown Tower Garden
Here is my Tower Garden all grown up. I’ve been eating off of it since day #14. It is now day #45. Only the Tomatoes and Red Peppers have yet to produce…
Tower Garden Produced Cucumbers
I LOVE these crisp and delicious cucumbers! Food is SO MUCH Better Tasting when it is picked and eaten FRESH! I have been eating the Cucumbers in my Guacamole Cold Green Soup almost daily! I’m addicted! 😉






Tower Garden produces HUGE Beefsteak Tomato!
The cherry tomatoes off of my Tower Garden have been producing for a while, but 3 HUGE Beefsteak Tomatoes have been growing (and ripening) for a long time. This one was finally ready. It is HUGE and Delicious! (made 3 sandwiches, and a couple of recipes with it!) WOW! This is the first time I’ve ever been successful with a beefstake tomato. All of my previous efforts ended up with bug infestations before they ever got ripe enough to eat. This one tasted AMAZING and was Free of worms!