It is my PASSION to support my customers both Before, and After the sale.

Before the sale, I will help you sort through the maze of Vitamix Models, and Accessories to make sure that you are getting the BEST machine for YOUR Needs and Budget.  Please visit: to see a chart which will help you understand the features of the Four Main Vitamix Models that I recommend (any model with Variable Speed Control and a 2 HP or a 2.2 HP motor).

After the sale, I want my customers to use their Vitamix Machines to their FULLEST Extent!  A Vitamix is NOT just an expensive “Smoothie Maker”!  There is a Good Reason that Top Chefs, Restaurants, Smoothie, and Coffee Shops all over the world choose Vitamix.  The Versatility is so AMAZING that often it sounds “Too Good To Be True” – but it’s not!

I specialize in helping Vitamix Owners learn the INs-AND-OUTs of their machines, so they use their Vitamix Machine to its Fullest Extent, and can get the results they dream of!

I began supporting my customers 8 years ago through a small self-created website to give them my recipes.  Over the years that website and my support have grown, and grown, and now I have this Website FULL of helpful information, a YouTube Channel, a Yahoo Group, and a Facebook Group, all created to provide as much information as possible to help Vitamix Owners Maximize the Value of their Investment.  Word has spread beyond my own customers (to all over the world)!  I offer my support to everyone.  I trust that if you got your Vitamix somewhere else, but find my Support and Information helpful, that you will refer your friends and family my way!  My marketing strategy is to be of as much help as possible to All Vitamix Owners, knowing that my positive intent returns to me in the form of Referrals, and in the satisfaction that I get when I help others.

Here is a handy list of the ways I support my Customers, and Vitamix Owners Everywhere!

Facebook Group  (check out the Files)
My Blog Archives  
Yahoo Group (check out the Links Archives)
Manage Yahoo Groups (shows you how to find the Links Archives)

YouTube (here is my Most Popular Video)
Vitamix Versatility

       (you will be Astonished at All of the AMAZING Ways YOUR Vitamix can be used!)
 (be sure to check this out)
FREE Recipes
 (my Show Recipes, a few of my favorites, and GREAT “How To” tutorials)
30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge
       (Begin the “Green Smoothie Habit” with the support of a group!)
If you learned about a Vitamix from a Demonstrator, if possible, buy from that Demonstrator.  Our income is based solely on commission, and if a demonstrator convinced you of the value of a Vitamix machine, he/she deserves the sale!  Demonstrators always have great deals/offers, and even if you could find something somewhere at a slightly “better price”, keep in mind that the demonstrator helped you see why the Vitamix is a smart investment, and a few months after you get that AMAZING MACHINE HOME, you won’t think twice about a few extra $ you “might” have saved by “price shopping”.  The Vitamix can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  Do you really want to spend days doing research when you could run over to the demonstration before it is over, and have that amazing health-giving machine in your house TODAY?

If you are online price shopping, and can’t buy from a live demonstrator (best option), I hope you will include in your calculations the INCREDIBLE VALUE built in when you buy from me (spectacular support both before and after the sale).  However, if you have an opportunity to buy from a live demonstrator, do it!

If you don’t yet have a Vitamix machine, please be sure to watch the video on this page:  Blender Buying Help  and use the contact form on that page to connect with me to get my pricing and ordering information!

12 thoughts on “Support”

  1. You are a remarkable woman. You not only support your family, you truly care for the people who cross your path. Most salesmen only care about the sale. Then they never see the client again. You have such enthusiasm for wellbeing and life, that you have made it your mission to encourage everyone around you to live fuller healthier lives through good nutrition. You are are a rare gem in this world. Thank you for all the different mediums and outlets you’ve chosen to keep us informed. You inspire me! Keep up the good work. You are making a difference in many lives.

  2. Lea Ann is absolutely the most knowledgable, intelligent, and selfless person I know. What more could you want in a person involved in sales? I met Lea Ann about 7 years ago when she was demonstrating Vitamix machines in my local SAM’s club. Her approach got me to stop and listen, her knowledge kept me there, her passion and honesty sold me, but it was her personal service and commitment to her clients that blew me away. Never have I bought anything from any person or business where I received such great after sale service. Lea Ann truly cares about all the people she meets. She truly gives lifetime service and it doesn’t just apply to Vitamix issues! If you’ve got a question about nutrition or health issues, she’s happy to help no matter what. I have often said God blessed me the day we met at SAM’s and it’s true but not just because she sold me a Vitamix and gave me great service. Lea Ann is a true friend, someone I can always count on, and that is also my blessing. :). Why go anywhere else when you can have the ultimate in Lea Ann?

    • Thank you Sandi for those “make-Lea Ann-blush” comments. God certainly blessed me as well when he brought YOU into my life! Since you are a molecular biologist, it always gave me confidence to hear that my description of how the Vitamix releases more nutrients, making them more bio-available than chewing made sense to YOU! I am very happy that the Vitamix helped you make such positive strides in your recovery after your accident, and I am also thrilled to see how you teach your students at Eastern Florida State about health, but I am selfishly especially thrilled that the Vitamix brought us together as life-long friends! 😉

  3. Lea Ann,

    Just to let you know I received my Vitamix yesterday in good condition. Washed it out and am now enjoying my first Vitamix smoothie for breakfast as I write this. My wife loves the color.

    I want to thank you for all your advice and assistance! You perfectly understand what customer service is all about. You made it very easy to decide which model to buy and your advice was very low key and helpful (no hard pitch or pressure to buy). Its obvious you are very knowledgeable about the product and company you represent. Again, thank you very much.

  4. Do not even consider buying a Vitamix without consulting Lea Ann. she is a fountain of knowledge and extremely helpful . talk about great customer service. she is number 1……Pancho and Lynda

  5. I am so very thankful for Lea Ann. I found her on YouTube, while searching for videos to try to convince my husband that we NEEDED a Vitamix. 🙂 She was the most knowledgeable and friendly person I found and she did not just seem like a typical sales person she really cared about the health of her customers.

    Her YouTube site led me to her website, which had all the information we needed when trying to figure out which model to choose, she is very honest and does not push you to buy the most expensive model. After we purchased our Vitamix, I joined her Yahoo group and I also found her on Facebook and joined her group there. She has been so helpful to us these past 2 months as we learn the ins and outs of our machines, and test and try new recipes. If it weren’t for her help our Vitamix would not be getting as much use as it does. We are definitely getting our money’s worth!

    We would refer anyone, without hesitation, to Lea Ann to purchase their Vitamix and Vitamix accessories. Thank you so much, again Lea Ann, for all of your hard work that you put in to your webpage, your videos, and your groups!!

  6. I just have to sing the praises of Lea Ann Anderson Savage! I read all the posts and responses daily, and I have learned so much from her. In addition to really knowing all things Vitamix, she is a teacher and encourager at heart. Lea Ann, thank you so much for your help and for the wonderful web site as well! We are blessed to have you. I recommend you to everyone who is considering a Vitamix purchase, and I tell everyone about this group. I purchased a reconditioned 5200 through Lea Ann, and it is wonderful! She was invaluable in helping me decide which machine was best for me. The ongoing support from her Facebook page and web site as well as personal contact provide a level of help you can’t find anywhere else.

  7. Lea Ann

    I am John Dey and we recently purchased a 7500 through you with the extra 48 oz wet/dry containers. We took your advice and got the reconditioned one and appreciate the savings we made both on the machine and the extra containers. We have had it for about a month now, use it everyday, and we could not be more pleased with the 4 inch base. It is roomy, nothing gets caught under the blades (although we have not tried things like peanut butter yet) and the drinks are as smooth as silk as it chops up anything we put in it. Am going to grind up some chia seeds along with other seeds, put them into this nice glass jar I got and add the mixture into our morning drinks. We appreciate your help, your concern, your knowledge and desire to help others and we enjoy our new way of healthier eating. As we progress we shall keep in touch with you. Thank you once again and you are welcome to quote us should you desire. John/Pat Dey, Haines City Florida, and, Rochester NY in the summer.

  8. Hi Lea Ann,

    Thank you so much for processing my order for an additional container. I only wish I had heard of you before I purchased my Vitamix! I will be sure to let others know about your site. I love the Facebook page, and have learned so much from you, and the other members.


  9. When my former blender died this morning, I launched myself into a new blender search effort that had me questioning my sanity (AGAIN!). I tend to over-think things. Heck, it took me over 6 months to buy a mattress set one time! I’m a skeptical cautious consumer, but sometimes I just want to go to Target and grab what’s closest and cheapest, but that tiny voice inside always bellows, “You get what you pay for!” THANK YOU, BlenderLady, for doing ALL of my research for me on my new blender! Your response time to my initial question was WICKED-fast, and you offered all of the information I needed to make an informed and fiscally responsible decision, but ultimately, I ordered through you because of the reassurance that, if I need anything regarding my blender, you’re there for me. That’s lamentably rare these days, and it’s worth the purchase! I can’t wait to make my first breakfast smoothie in my new blender, and to try your recipes! Again, thank you for one of the most pleasant shopping experiences of my life!

  10. Hi Lea Ann,
    I am a 60 year young female and just had braces applied on my top and lower teeth, 3-15-2016. To make a long story short, I have had indigestion problems off and on all my life. I bought a Vitamix 10-28-2013 to make healthy veggie and fruit drinks but, I wanted to educate myself more and saw your first YouTube video, 5-19-2016 and brought your 30 Green Smoothie recipe book. I have to keep my braces on for 18 months and guess what, everything gets tangled in my teeth. Using the Vitamix helps me to a point. Adding the food group of protein is a challenge. What I do is cook the chicken, beef, or lentil bean soup that I have in mind to eat and blend my “meat” with added broth to eat it like jar baby food texture. I don’t mind looking for creative options to eat to get past my 18 months of braces but have you thought of writing a book for those who are going to get braces? You are fantastic and the best I have found. “I can do it.”


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