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For help deciding on the best Vitamix model for your needs and budget, visit: www.BlenderBuyingHelp.com

Kitchen Appliances and/or Accessories that go well with your Vitamix:

Excalibur Dehydrator – This is my affiliate link.  It goes directly to the Excalibur Dehydrator website, and you pay the same if you go through this link as if you went to their website directly. Many Vitamix owners consider an Excalibur Dehydrator to be an Excellent companion for their Vitamix machine, because you can make so many things using both machines:  Fruit Leathers (aka Fruit Roll-ups), batters for Kale Chips, use the Vitamix to “powderize” Dehydrated Veggies (for example:  tomato powder, onion powder, garlic powder, kale powder, spinach powder, etc.).  You can also make batters for Corn Chips, Onion Bread, and a huge variety of Flax and other kinds of dehydrated Crackers.  Got left over smoothie?  Dehydrate it and it becomes a Fruit Roll Up!

Bottle Brush – I find that using a bottle brush helps keep the mineral build up off of your Vitamix container (which can help prevent it from getting that white cloudy film appearance).  Any bottle brush from a local store will work, but I found this one easy to hang on a hook by my sink, sturdy, and the size of the brush head is just right for cleaning around the blades.  That company no longer sells the brush in the middle by itself, and it is my favorite, so I posted the link with all 3 brushes.

Split Fiber, Microfiber Cloths” are another way to keep your Vitamix container crystal clear.  If you hand dry your container, the minerals don’t get a chance to cling to the sides of the container and build up.  I keep two towels at a time in the cabinet below my counter under the Vitamix.  I use one in one hand to clean the outside of the container, while I have another cloth in my other hand cleaning the inside of the container at the same time!  If you clean with a Bottle Brush and hand-dry your container, it will maintain its like-new, see-through clear finish.  NOTE:  I prefer the split fiber, microfiber cloths, but if they are out of stock, any microfiber cloth will do.  Take a look at these options.

“Spiralizer” – Many Raw Food Kitchens, (or Creative Culinary Cooks) use a “Spiralizer” to turn things like Zucchini into wheat-free noodles.  Check out the pictures here for many more inspirational and creative culinary ideas.

Nut Milk Bags – “Nut Milk Bags” are cloth strainers or filters that you can use to remove the fiber from nut milks (such as Almond Milk) or to make a “true juice” with the fiber removed (like Carrot Juice).  Personally, I use one gallon nylon paint strainers you can get in bulk HERE for a little bit more than .50 per bag, or for about a dollar a bag at Lowe’s or Home Depot, but if you are determined that you want a nylon nut milk bag that is claimed to be “food safe”, or a non-nylon, natural fiber nut milk bag, something from this list might be what you are after.  OR, you can use this code: GGX93KU7 to get $2.00 off of this nut milk bag.

Zoku Classic Pops – My FAVORITE Popsicle molds (they don’t tip over in the freezer).  I use these every time I have left overs after making ice cream or smoothies!  I could not imagine my Vitamix life without these popsicle molds to turn left over smoothies and ice cream into fun and exciting treats!

Weck Canning Jars – I LOVE Weck Canning Jars!  They have a wide, open mouth which makes it so easy to get food into and out of.  I use them as a glass for drinking my smoothies from, and to store bulk foods, and foods in the fridge.  I avoid using plastic for storage, and buy as many Weck Jars in as many sizes as I can!  This is my favorite size, and the one I drink my smoothies from:  3/4L Mold Jar  Here is a list of all of the Weck Jars available on Amazon

Citrus Juice Press – The “Vitamix of Citrus Juice Pressers”.  This is commercial quality, and I’ve seen this brand at a “Fresh Lemonade” stand at a fair where they made Lemonade in front of you from fresh squeezed.  Pricy, but I got this to do research and development on an idea I had for a nut milk press.  My idea did not pan out, but I kept the Citrus Press because once you have used one of these babies, you will NOT let it go!

Glass Straws – I LOVE my glass straws. I bought this set of four glass straws, and they truly are unbreakable (ask me if I’ve dropped them on a tile floor).  Stainless Steel Straws are great for people who can’t stand to look at a Green or not-Green (say Olive, Black or Brown) Smoothie.  Pour it into a smoothie cup, drink through a Stainless Steel Straw, and you’re good to go!

Stainless Steel Smoothie Cups – are great for the same people who need Stainless Steel Straws (those who eat with their eyes and can’t handle the Red + Green = Yuck Colored Green Smoothies)!  😉   Also, don’t forget that you can add cocoa powder and if you think it is supposed to be brown, you might not object as much!

Plastic Canning Funnel or Stainless Canning Funnel – I am always transferring items I buy in bulk (salt, coconut oil, coconut milk powder, beef gelatin powder, Dandy Blend, etc.) into glass mason jars for storage.  I could not get by without my canning funnel!

Sifter – Use one of these when you want to make a Fine Flour, a Nut Meal, or a Nut Flour.  A Vitamix Dry Container is ideal for this purpose, but you can use a Wet Container if you use really cold nuts, don’t over-blend (or pulse), Sift Often, then put the bigger pieces caught in the sifter back into the container, and repeat.  I recommend only working with One Cup of Cold Almonds (or other nuts) at a time when trying to make Almond/Nut Flours…

Lead-Free, Nickel-Free Crock Pot:  I have to thank my friend Chad Lawrence for sharing his set up for slow cooking in glass in order to avoid the Lead from most Crock Pots, and the Nickel from Stainless steel.  I’ve been using his set up, and it is genius!  The heating source is this Single Burner Hot Plate.  Here is a nice Timer, and a Corningware 4.5L Glass Dutch Oven works as your container for the food.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven – I struggle to maintain adequate iron levels (especially my ferritin or “storage” iron levels).  I cook as often as possible in my cast iron Dutch oven in an attempt to add iron to my diet!  Cast Iron is also great for “allergy-free” cooking!

Cast Iron Pizza Pan – You can make “Paleo Breads” like Socca (Chick Pea flat bread) on this pan, and of course Paleo Pizza Crusts or if you are not Paleo, you can make regular pizza dough, and make your Pizza Sauce in your Vitamix!

Make Smoothie Cubes!Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers or Beaba Multiportions Freezer Trays are GREAT for making Smoothie Cubes so you can Preserve fresh produce, and Freeze Greens for Green Smoothies!

Mason Jar Pour Caps:  Turns a Mason Jar into a BPA-free traveling Smoothie Cup!

Silit Cookware – Allergy-Free cooking!  Read my Amazon.com review of the “Lemon Green” 9″ Silit Frying Pan.

Vitamix Travel Bag / Rolling Vitamix Travel Case – Vitamix has discontinued its branded rolling travel bag, but many people have found that a rolling sewing bag works perfectly.  I really like the looks and style of This Bag.  The motor base goes on one side, the container fits beside it, and the tamper fits in the front pouch!

Chocolate Candy Mold – I love to make “Chocolate Candy” by mixing a 50/50 blend of Coconut Butter (made in the Vitamix of course) with Coconut Oil (I Love Tropical Traditions Gold Label), Raw Cocoa Powder, Vanilla Flavored Stevia, and Nuts (optional – you can use any kind you like or none).  You can flavor this with Mint Flavored Stevia (or Mint Extract + Stevia), OR you can go for the “Mexican Chocolate” taste, by adding some Cinnamon, and a bit of Cayenne Pepper.  You can use a Chocolate Candy Mold, for chocolate candy, or they can Also be used to make wonderful “Smoothie Ice Cubes” to eat like a pop cycle, to put in drinks like Iced Tea, or to add to a glass of Red Wine to make it a Sangria!

FIT Vegetable Wash – Ok, I realize this isn’t an appliance, but I didn’t know where to put it…  This is by far the BEST Veggie wash I’ve found, and as a Vitamix Sales Demonstrator I wash a LOT of fresh produce!  I’ve tried just about every “veggie wash” on the market, and FIT Vegetable Wash beats any brand I’ve ever tried.  It is especially good at getting the waxy coatings off of commercial produce.  Bring home some Broccoli, clean it with vinegar water (a good, natural cleaner), then cut it in half and spray some FIT Vegetable Wash on the other side, and rinse it off, then compare the two side-by-side.  You will be Blown Away by the comparison.  I highly recommend FIT Vegetable Wash!

Stainless Steel Container – This container is made by Waring.  It will fit on all models listed in the chart at www.BlenderBuyingHelp.com but using this container will void your warranty.  This container does not have Vitamix blades or blade assemblies, so use of this container has the potential to prematurely wear out your motor base.  It also does not have a tamper, so it requires that you chop smoothie and soup ingredients into smaller pieces before adding to the container.  Without a tamper, thick things like ice cream, protein bars, and nut butters would be nearly impossible to make in this container.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  I personally will still use my Tritan co-polyester container, because for me the cost/benefit, risk/rewards analysis falls heavily on the side of Benefit and Reward, but there are people who are adamant that they want a stainless steel container, and I am all in favor of personal choice.  This might be a good alternative for those who want options, as long as you understand that you will void your Vitamix warranty.


Miracle Berry – Not really a smoothie additive, but a FUN way to turn sour foods sweet with NO SUGAR ADDED!  You let a tablet melt on your tongue (I use half of a tablet) then eat something sour like Lemon, and it tastes SWEET!  Strawberries are Amazingly Sweet after using a Miracle Berry.  My kids LOVE to play with these, and if you bring them to a restaurant to share with friends, the waiter will hate you because you will be asking him to bring you 50 lemon wedges previously meant to go in tea or water – ask me how I know this.  😉  Check out the Amazon.com reviews for some additional information.  Have a Miracle Berry Party!  Make a Lemon Slushy in your Vitamix with ONLY Lemon, Water, and Ice and see how it tastes like Sweet Lemonade – seriously!  For more information on Miracle Berries, be sure to read this blog post:  “Miracle Berries for Vitamix Recipes

Dandi Blend – A GREAT Coffee Substitute.  I’ve tried them all, and this is the one that comes closest to the flavor of coffee.  I get my Dandi Blend from iHerb  or sometimes Dandi Blend from Amazon  Dandi Blend in the 2lb bag is less expensive from iHerb than from Amazon.  Dandi Blend is great in Vitamix Iced Coffee Drinks, in Chocolate flavored Smoothies, Frappuccinos, to make Coffee Flavored Ice Cream, or as a hot cup of coffee.  I am sure that creative cooks can think of more great ideas for Dandi Blend!

Best Protein Powder – If you can handle whey protein, this is a GREAT TASTING and Top Quality Whey Protein Powder!  A hint when using whey protein powders in smoothies you don’t want ULTRA Foaminess…  Make your smoothie, then turn the machine down to variable speed #1 and slowly work the speed up until you see a tiny vortex form (a tiny hole in the top).  Let it run at this speed while you pour your protein powder in and just allow the protein powder to be stirred into the smoothie – not whipped into it on high!

Coconut Milk Powder – this stuff ROCKS!  Use a “little” bit of water, and you have a coffee creamer replacement.  Use more water, and you have instant coconut milk.  I also add it to smoothies and my “Bulletproof Matcha Green Tea”.  Nothing tastes better than fresh coconut milk made from coconuts, but Coconut Milk Powder is great for when you are in a hurry!

Yakon Syrup  Because this was advertised on the Dr. Oz show, it is getting a lot of attention.  I just ordered 2 bottles (to get the free extra bottle) and will evaluate the taste, and its effect on my energy levels (it is supposed to be a metabolism booster).  I will also report if it has any positive effect on my hunger (it is supposed to be an appetite suppressant).  And, because I am EXTREMELY Sensitive to any fluctuations in my blood sugar levels, I will find out if it causes swings in my blood sugar levels (I know that Stevia does not).  Yakon Syrup is also alleged to be good for maintaining stable blood sugar levels.  AFTER I TRY THIS, I WILL REPORT BACK…

Glucommanan Powder – Google to find out more about this additive which is full of soluble fiber.  This is a calorie-free way to prevent separation between the insoluble fiber and the liquid in a Green Smoothie – does what a banana or an avocado can do for the texture of a smoothie.

Nutritional Yeast – adds a wonderful, cheesy flavor to foods.  Many people like to sprinkle it on pop corn, or add it to soups.  It is also used frequently in vegan cheese sauce recipes.  Nutritional Yeast is not to be confused with Brewer’s Yeast which is also used for health benefits, but does’t taste as yummy as Nutritional Yeast.


Mouthwash:  I make my own mouthwash with Water, Baking Soda (neutralizes acids), Grape Seed Extract (kills bacteria), and Mint Flavored Stevia (makes it somewhat tolerable) 😉

Tooth Powder:  I make my own with a 50/50 mix of Activated Charcoal Powder (whitens teeth) and Pure MSP Monosodium Phosphate (re-mineralizes teeth), and Birch-Derived, Zylitol Granulated Sugar (prevents bacteria from growing on teeth).  This mix is best used after “powderizing” (made up word) 😉  in a Vitamix Dry Container.  Use as much Xylitol as necessary to cover the weird taste of the MSP.  I often add a bit of Stevia and Cinnamon to help with the taste as well.  You can research each of these ingredients in a Google search including the word teeth, and you will see how each ingredient is good for your teeth for a different reason.  I used to get cavities every single time that I visited the dentist.  I haven’t had a cavity in the 10 years since I stopped using commercial toothpaste, and began using a Waterpik (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Appliance!)

Adrenal Support:  A big part of my recovery from Chronic Fatigue involves ongoing adrenal support.  I like to rotate between different Adrenal support supplements, and I like to take both a Glandular, and an Herbal Adaptogen each day.  My favorite Adrenal Glandular is Adrenergize, but every now and then I rotate in one of these Adrenal Glandulars:  Thorne Research Adrenal Cortex,  or Solaray Adrenal Success.  My favorite Herbal Adaptogen for Adrenals is:  AdrenaSense, but I also rotate my Herbal Adaptogens between Jarrow Formulas Adrenal OptimizerSchisandra Adrenal Complex, or Life Extension Adrenal Energy Formula, or sometimes I just take the single herb Holy Basil.  If your adrenal glands are seriously crashed (you should have a saliva test to verify this), you might consider getting the book, “Safe Uses of Cortisol” and taking it to your doctor to see if he will RX Cortisol to support your adrenals.

Magnesium:  Because commercial farming practices deplete the soil of all but the few minerals that are replaced by chemical fertilizers, there is a rampant deficiency of all trace minerals, and in my opinion, almost everyone is deficient in Magnesium.  I truly believe that almost everyone should be supplementing with Magnesium.  One day I would like to do a full blog post about this, but for now, I am just going to post the forms of magnesium that I take.  The form I never run out of, and the best for fibromyalgia and muscle soreness is Magnesium Malate. The best form for improved brain function is Magnesium L-Threonate.  One of the most highly absorbable forms is Magnesium Bis-Glycinate Chelate.  In my opinion Magnesium in the most important supplement that I think everyone should be taking.  In a future blog post I will explain how best to take it (to bowel tolerance).  In the meantime, trust me – buy any one of the forms above and start taking it!  I take all three forms AND I do Magnesium Salt Baths for stress relief!  Magnesium Salt Baths are one of the best ways to absorb Magnesium!  You can use regular Epsom Salts in place of the Magnesium Salts I linked to above.  If you are not taking any form of supplemental Magnesium, I promise that if you begin Magnesium supplementation (to bowel tolerance) you will have a FELT improvement.  For many people, the improved sense of well being will be nearly miraculous (especially for those who have constipation or migraines)!  NOTE:  I am not a medical practitioner, and you should do your own research.

5HTP – I’ve been taking this brand of 5HTP at bed time for over 8 years.  Anytime a bottle runs out and I don’t replace it, my mood goes flat and or I become more irritable.  I don’t really notice when I’m on it – I just notice when I’m off of it! 😉  Here is a list of books on 5HTP if you’d like to learn more about this awesome alternative to anti-depressants.  5HTP also helps some people lose or maintain weight loss.  NOTE – Some people to Great on 5HTP, but others to better on L-Tryptophan.  I recommend trying both, and seeing which one you do better with.

Detoxification Support: Because of my MTHFR gene defect, I do not excrete toxins well. I cannot tolerate most chelating products because once they are stirred up, in my body, they have no where to go, and they just make me worse.  Most of the common chelating agents like Cilantro, ALA, Chlorella, etc. dislodge the mercury and it gets re-deposited making me sicker.  But Zeolite works by locking onto heavy metals and trapping them (not dislodging them).  I feel MUCH better when I am taking Zeolite, and I always take lots of Zeolite right after I have a Mercury filling removed.  I currently have all of my visible Mercury fillings are gone, and I’m working on getting the last of the mercury out of my mouth (from under crowns), and then once it is ALL gone from my mouth, I can FINALLY do the safest “Mercury Chelation Protocol” out there (Andrew Hall Cutler’s protocol).  IMPORTANT NOTE about Zeolite.  You can’t take it every day, and it must be balanced with an excellent Trace Mineral Supplement, as well as good sources of Macro Minerals.

Digestive Enzymes:  As we age, many people don’t produce enzymes to digest food as well as when we were younger.  I take the following Proteolytic Enzymes:  NutriCology Pancreas, and the following plant based enzymes with every meal.


Taza Brand Chocolates – I follow the “80/20 Diet” rule for dieting, and Taza 87% Dark Chocolate is one of my all time Favorite Indulgences.

Gelatin – Because of this article by Ray Peat, I have been consuming Gelatin for about a year now to balance the amino acid profile of my diet.  I buy the Now Brand Gelatin in the 4 lb. container to save money.  Gelatin Powder is hot water soluble.  For a cold water soluble gelatin to add to smoothies in place of a protein powder try Great Lakes brand Collagen Hydrolysate, or Neocell Super Powder Collagen.  I have been taking the Neocell Super Powder Collagen for the past few months to support skin, hair and nail growth, but my nails really began to get thicker when I added Liquid BioSil Advanced Collagen Generator to my daily routine.

BOOKS (also see below for links to the books I keep on my table at a show):

Stop The Thyroid Madness – This book is the best resource for anyone on Synthroid, or anyone dealing with symptoms of an under functioning thyroid – especially if your doctor has told you that your thyroid test results are “normal”, but you still suspect thyroid problems.  It is also essential reading for anyone dealing with chronic fatigue and/or fibromyalgia issues.  Properly working (or properly treated) thyroid and adrenal systems are essential to recovering your health!  Also, the website www.StopTheThyroidMadness.com is loaded with free information.  At first, all of this information can be overwhelming – if you would like personal coaching to help you break it all down into bite sized pieces – I’d be glad to help out – just contact me!

Stop Alzheimer’s Now and Alzheimer’s Disease: What If There Was A Cure? – These two books deal with a new and hopeful way to treat or prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.  Both books recommend incorporating Coconut Oil into the diet.  The first book is a great overview of the “why”, and the second surrounds the personal story of  Dr. Mary Newport’s experience helping her husband to reverse his Alzheimer’s by using Coconut Oil.  I buy my coconut oil online in bulk to save money.  My favorite source is Tropical Traditions – they are always running sales, and I only buy when there is a sale!  😉  

Why Stomach Acid Is Good For You – If you are taking antacids, or if you experience “beeturia“, you most likely have low stomach acid.  I have extensive information on this topic and I can send you links to this information (just email me at LeaAnn@BlenderLady.com and ask for the information), but ordering this book is also a fantastic overview of just how important stomach acid is to good health, and how most people have diminished stomach acid production as we age.  For people with chronic heartburn, this information can be life changing!


Trim Healthy Mama” Many people LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the THM way of eating (I hate to call it a diet).  It is one of the most sensible diets for weight loss that I’ve ever seen, and it is based on good science.  I like it because it can be “tweaked” based on your personal experience with carbs and proteins, and it teaches you about how Carbs, Fats, and Proteins combine to help you lose or gain weight.  There is a thriving online community to support you in your THM way of eating.

I also like Zoë Harcombe’s approach to weight loss, because it focuses on Controlling the Cravings.  If we don’t have out of control cravings, we won’t over eat!  “Stop Counting Calories, and Start Losing Weight” is her first diet book, and the companion Recipe Book is good for those who like to have recipes ideas.  Some reviewers say that you only need the Recipe Book – that there is enough information about how the diet works in the Recipe book, that you won’t have to buy the Diet Book.  “Why Do You Overeat When All You Want To Be Is Slim?” is a book that is more about theory than a specific diet, but it gives you the knowledge you need to understand why you overeat, and three simple rules to help you overcome the cravings. “The Harcombe Diet For Men” is the same as her basic diet, just written with men in mind. “The Obesity Epidemic: What Caused It? How Can We Stop It?” is a good read if you would like to understand why Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and other diet and lifestyle conditions are Epidemic, and how the diet advice promoted by the main stream media is only good for pharmaceutical companies, and food manufacturing corporations, but not good for YOU.

A FANTASTIC Exercise Program for Women! –  T-Tapp helps with Weight Loss, Healthy Hormone Management, Energy Levels, and is PERFECT for people suffering from Adrenal Fatigue.  If you are suffering from Adrenal Fatigue, be sure to consider either the “Senior Fit” program, or the “T-Tapp More Rehab Program”.  To find these programs, go to the T-Tapp Home Page Here, then under the column titled, “Best Way To Start”, click on the “Getting Started” link.


I do a lot of health testing on my own (out of pocket) because there are a lot of tests that a “regular” doctor won’t request, and insurance won’t pay for.  I will be adding recommended tests to this section in the future.

23andMe Genetic Testing:   I have suspected for a LONG time that I have the MTHFR defect (because it is associated with a reduced ability to detoxify and THAT IS ME!). Sure enough, after I was tested, I was not surprised to learn that I was homozygous for the A1298C MTHFR gene mutation.  I highly recommend the 23anMe Genetic Test.  If you order the test through This Link, please get in touch with me and I will send you the link to a website where you can get help interpreting the results.


These are the books that I keep on my table at a show:

Green For Life






Green For Life (THE Original book about Green Smoothies) I believe that everyone would see a huge, beneficial difference in their health, appearance, and energy level if they simply added one Green Smoothie per day to their diet. I think that committing to drinking just one Green Smoothie per day to your diet is the single most beneficial lifestyle change that you could make. I cannot recommend this book or the practice of drinking daily Green Smoothies more highly!


Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 9.27.29 PM


Beating Cancer With Nutrition Many people use diet to build their immune system in order to prevent cancer.  Many others use diet in order to rebuild their immune system after conventional cancer treatments.  Here is a review of this book as listed on Amazon.com:  This completely revised edition of a 1994 title offers up-to-date information about the human body’s own “host defense mechanisms” in the war on cancer, providing a multidisciplinary approach to treatment based on scientific studies and clinical experience. Quillin, a medical professional who has published extensively, has conducted nutrition studies with hundreds of patients in formal clinical settings. He discusses conventional therapies (chemotherapy, surgery), alternative therapies (macrobiotics, herbal and vitamin therapies), and related factors (psychosocial health, drugs, tobacco, immune dysfunctions). Appendixes list treatment referral agencies, mail-order nutrition products, suggested readings, nutritionally oriented doctors in the United States and Canada, and recipes using foods known to slow tumor growth. Written in an easy-to-read style, this work is informative, but some sections seem misplaced or redundant, and charts and graphs occasionally lack an identified source and are difficult to read. Still, this useful guide to authoritative alternatives in cancer treatment would be appreciated in public library or consumer health collections. –Virginia Lingle, Hershey Medical Ctr. Lib, Pennsylvania State University


Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 9.53.17 PM



Heinerman’s Encyclopedia of Healing Juices This is the book that explains why Prevention Magazine  rated the Vitamix as the Number One Juicer over the Champion and the Omega.  “Of the three juice machines tested, the prevention magazine testing team reserved their loudest compliments and applause for the Vita-Mix. For juicing, they wrote, “one machine stands head and motor above the rest: Vita-Mix!” They marvelled at how “user friendly” it was—practically no assembly required. They were equally ecstatic over the nice “smooth drinks chock-full of the fruit’s original goodness and fiber” that the Vita-Mix produced every single time. They described how this machine “rose to the challenge” when “puree juicing” carrots.  Their final results were published in the January, 1993 issue of prevention magazine (pp. 61-64) under the rather auspicious heading “A Consumer’s Guide to Juice—and Juicers.”


Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 9.58.31 PM


Transitioning to Living Cuisine  An excellent guide to a gentle transition from the SAD (Standard American Diet) to a more healthful diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables!  This book is geared towards those who want to transition to a Raw Food diet, but never makes you feel bad if that isn’t your goal.  I don’t want to be a “Raw Foodist”, but LOVE this book for LOADS of excellent recipes and raw food cooking advice/techniques.  If you are desiring to be a Raw Foodist, this is IMO Must be in your library – it is PACKED with recipes and teaches all of the skills that a Raw Food Chef uses!

Blend It Up Spices…

www.BlendItUp.com is a great place to find products that are used by Vitamix demonstrators in their shows. Enter this code:  15244 to save 20% on the Spice Blends, and the Whole Nectar Protein Powder that demonstrators sell at some Road Shows.  You can also find the amazing Demonstrator’s Knife, and other great products at www.BlendItUp.com!

Just a few of My Favorite Health Websites:

Dr. Mercola  I HIGHLY recommend signing up for his FREE, online newsletter. Search his website for any topics related to health and see what he has to say!

Cure Zone  There are some far-out, alternative health ideas on this website, but it also has TONS of information that is useful for those who don’t want to go the traditional medical route.

Cancer Tutor  For those who want to treat their cancer using Alternative Medicine, or for those people who’s traditional medical doctors have “done all they can do” for them.

More Recipes…

Vita-Recipes.com is a website that is not affiliated with Vitamix, but gives you actual demonstrator recipes. It is a membership website.  You can join using a yearly or life time subscription option, or you can just purchase recipes individually.  They also sell products that demonstrators use in their shows. Use promo code “VitaMixLady” to get a 20% discount on your membership or any products that you order there!


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