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This is how you can manage Yahoo Groups after the NEO “Upgrade”. Of course the word “Upgrade” should be replaced with “Downgrade” or “Disaster”, but it is what it is, so I hope these pictures will help you learn how to navigate the new format.

Table of Contents:

List Etiquette
Managing List Emails
Getting the Most out of this Yahoo Group


List “Etiquette”

Yahoo Groups is an EMAIL List.  When you send an email to the list, Everyone gets it.  When someone replies, Everyone gets the reply.  To the best of your ability, please follow the following guidelines:

Trim Posts:  I know that it is hard if you are replying on a phone or iPad, but to the best of your ability trim off unnecessary text. Google Search For How To Trim Posts

Change Subject Lines:  (VERY IMPORTANT!)  This helps people decide if they want to open an email or delete it unread.  If the conversation has strayed from the original topic, please change the subject line to reflect what your post is about.

Say “Thank You” Off List:  If the only thing you are saying in a post to the list is “Thank You”, please write to the person off list.  This becomes a problem on our list most often when someone posts links to free eBooks, or posts a good recipe.  If what you are saying in a post doesn’t benefit the majority of list members with new or helpful information, consider sending your reply off list.

Do 6,000+ People Need to See the Comment?:  Sometimes people unsubscribe from the list just because they are getting too many unnecessary emails.  Comments like, “me too”, or “I agree”, or “that’s funny” – if that is all you are saying, please consider writing the person off list.

Be Nice:  Of course this should go without saying, but re-read your emails before sending to make sure you aren’t coming across as attacking another person’s opinion.  This is especially important when discussing controversial topics like Sweetener Preferences and Diet choices.  For example, if someone says they use Splenda, and you don’t like Splenda, please don’t reply with something like, “Splenda will kill you”, or “no one should be eating Splenda”.

SHARE RECIPES:  As often as possible, if you mention something you made – include the recipe.  You can count on someone asking for the recipe, so it is faster and easier to provide the recipe in the first post!  😉  Also, along the same lines as “Saying Thank You Off List”, please ask for recipes off list.  You can write the person off list, and ask them to share the recipe on list!

USE THE OFF TOPIC LIST:  I absolutely WANT people to be able to discuss Kitchen Gadgets, Health Issues not strictly related to diets, topics related to our food supply, etc., etc.  That is why I created the Off Topic Vitamix Enthusiasts List.  Anyone can instantly join the Off Topic Vitamix Enthusiasts list (with no membership approval process) here: and posts can be sent to that list using this email address:    You can make an announcement to the Vitamix Enthusiasts list, but be sure to ask people to NOT Reply on the Vitamix Enthusiasts list, but to join the Off Topic list to reply.

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Managing List Emails

The best way to manage emails from a Yahoo Group is to set up a Folder in your Email program so the emails go directly into that folder, and never to your Inbox!

If you don’t know how to do this, click on the link for your email program in the list below.

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Getting the Most out of this Yahoo Group

To get the most out of the Vitamix Enthusiasts Yahoo Group, I would bookmark these pages:

The Group’s Home Page:
Vitamix Enthusiasts  
30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Links (this is where the Most Valuable Information is Archived)
Vitamix Enthusiasts Links Archive
30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge Links Archive

Recipe Folder (a sub-folder of the Links page):
Vitamix Enthusiasts Recipes Archive

Vitamix Enthusiasts Photos Archive 
30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge Photos Archive

Edit Membership:
Vitamix Enthusiasts Edit Membership Page
30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge Edit Membership Page

OR – just Bookmark THIS page, and you’ll have all of these links handy in ONE handy place…

If you don’t know how to “bookmark” then do one of the Google Searches below (or do what I do when confronted with a technical question that has anything to do with electronics and social media… ask a teenager!)  😉
How to Bookmark in Safari
How to Bookmark in Internet Explorer
How to Bookmark in Google Chrome
How to Bookmark in Mozilla Firefox
How to Bookmark a Website

For our Vitamix Enthusiasts Group the MOST IMPORTANT Page is the Links Archive.
There is a GOLD MINE of Information Here!

Here is how to get to the Links Page from the Group’s Home Page.  This is a screenshot of the group’s home page and the first thing you do once you are on that page is, #1 click on the “More” button, then when the drop down menu appears, #2 click on “Links”.
Yahoo Links

This is what the Links Page looks like when you get there:
Links Page

This is what the Recipe Folder looks like when you are on that page:
Recipes Page

This is how you can get to the “Edit Your Membership page from the Home Page:
Get to Edit Membership

This is what the “Edit Your Membership” page looks like.
edit subscription icon

This is how you manage the emails. If you don’t want Individual Emails, Try Daily Digest, if that is still too much, try Special Notices. Please Don’t Unsubscribe!
edit subscription

The “Search Conversations” bar, and the “Search Groups” button is at the top of EVERY Page of the Vitamix Enthusiasts Yahoo Group. This is how you can do a key word search of past messages:
search messages