Help for Digestive Problems


In my Vitamix Road Shows I meet a surprising number of people who have digestive problems like Diverticulitis, Chrohn’s Disease, Colitis, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Many doctors are unaware that dietary changes can often (I didn’t promise they will) cure your digestive issues.  Although I had to put in that disclaimer, the number of people who have successfully cured their digestive issues through these dietary changes is seriously impressive.  I recommend that you look in to TWO possible ways to approach this.  One is the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and the other is the concept of Proper Food Combining.  The Specific Carbohydrate Diet is a bit more challenging to follow, but meets with GREAT success!

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (the tried and true method)

This diet is more restrictive than the diet below (Proper Food Combining), but it is absolutely possible to for most people to “heal” their leaky gut if they follow this diet.  If you have problems trying the diet on your own, getting Coaching from Jordan and/or Steve can get you the results you want.

A while back, I experienced symptoms of gut dysbiosis (the root cause of all digestive “issues”).  “Gut Dysbiosis” means an imbalance between the Good and the Bad bacteria in our digestive tract.  When the Bad guys outnumber the Good guys trouble begins.  In order to fix my “issues” before they get worse (like become full-blown Diverticulitis, Chron’s Disease, Colitis, or IBS aka Irritable Bowel Syndrome) I purchased the book, “Breaking The Vicious Cycle”  (pictured below).  But I quickly realized that I needed more support to understand how to implement the diet.  I was very happy to find this ebook to help me.  The SCD Lifestyle ebook, has been amazing – it has completely eliminated my learning curve so I could get right to work healing and sealing my gut!  I’m already feeling awesome improvements!  BTW, if you read my “No One-Size-Fits-All Diet” page, you will see that I primarily eat what I call a Paleo / Primal / GAPS-type diet – I still eat this way, just within the guidelines of SCD.

Click Here for the best Blog with information to Support the SCD Lifestyle.  I HIGHLY recommend signing up to get their free eBook, and to be on their mailing list.

For people with Celiac’s Disease, going Gluten-Free is not enough to “heal and seal” your gut.  Click Here for an article explaining why…

People who need recipes and Meal Plans laid out for you, can benefit from Jordan and Steve’s Meal Plans.  Click Here to get them.

Here are some books on The Specific Carbohydrate Diet:
(these books are good for a foundation, but Jordan and Steve from can help make sure that you are successful on the diet)

Proper Food Combining (easier than SCD and just might work!)

The Holistic Blends website offers a diet plan that is based on the concept of “Proper Food Combining”.  Look for the “Great Taste No Pain” book. This way of eating is not as restrictive as the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. You might want to try “Proper Food Combining” first, and if you don’t get the results you want, try the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Proper Food Combining has helped many people who suffer from digestive problems. I have copied some testimonials below.

Coupon code: hbaf2015 will get you 15% of your first order at Holistic Blends.

You will notice that some of the testimonials mention the “Think Right Now” CD or the “Eating For Excellent Health Now” CD. To find out what they are talking about go to the Think Right Now website, scroll all of the way to the bottom, click on the link that says, “Click here to enter the catalog…”, once you get to the catalog, click on the audio program titled, “Eating For Excellent Health Now”. I cannot personally endorse this CD because it has always been easy for me to choose to eat healthy foods, but I can say that the “Anger Management Now” CD did help me a great deal. (Hate to admit that I had an anger problem, but glad to say things are much better now! 🙂

Don’t forget – if you don’t get the results you are looking for by trying “Proper Food Combining“, be sure to try the Specific Carbohydrate Diet – it can truly change your life!

Great Taste No Pain Testimonials

The testimonials are addressed to Sherry Brescia because she is the author of the Great Taste No Pain program. Sherry is also the wife of Mike Brescia who offers the Think Right Now CDs. I’ll admit right up front that both programs are trying to sell you their products. I can only say that I have both the Great Taste No Pain books and several of the Think Right Now CDs myself. You might be able to piece together the concept of food combining via the Internet (to replace the Great Taste No Pain program) but I found the information in Sherry’s books to be well presented and easy to understand as well as the fact that I like many of the recipes in her cookbook. As far as the Think Right Now CDs, you know yourself – if you think it would be helpful, try it. He gives a 6 month trial period. The ones I’ve used have been helpful to me – the key is using them! 😉


Dear Sherry,

I decided to give the Great Taste No Pain plan a try, and I’m glad I did. Although I have never had severe pain, I do have a constant bloating and gas problem and alternating diarrhea and constipation. I don’t have a gall bladder, so digestion has been a problem. During the first two days I didn’t notice much difference, except for the fact that I was using the bathroom more. During the third and fourth days, I began to feel much better. I especially noticed that right after a meal, I’m not as bloated and I do not have gas at all. I’ve also cut back on the digestive enzymes I am using. I most definitely plan to continue this food combining method.

Marilyn Franko, OH


Hi Sherry,

My results with the Great Taste No Pain quick start plan in 4 days have been great. I am not having headaches, which I usually have just about every day! I have TMJ and a straight neck (You’re supposed to have a curve.) I also don’t wear my glasses all the time, which I should. So I have many different reasons for the headaches. I think the correct food choices have really helped me in relaxing the muscles, yet not feeling tired. The food was great. The simplicity of the foods, I think is key. The processed stuff that we buy at the store is filled with so much junk it’s like having your own science project in your body. I also noticed that my skin has cleared up. I get some patchy areas which seem to flair up when I eat the wrong foods. Being a certified fitness instructor, I know what I’m supposed to be eating but I am terrible at practicing what I preach. To keep weight off I just exercised more! In the last few years I had gotten away from exercising as much and at 44, the weight had started to come!! I don’t have any current clients to keep ME motivated!! I also noticed that I was more regular and not constipated. I have a history of colon cancer in my family so for me this is the greatest! My stomach usually makes a bunch of noise and “all is quiet on the home front now!” I love that because it is really embarrassing, and it was getting worse.

For me the best thing was just having a guide in front of me to remind me of the things I already knew. The spinach recipes were great. The carrot and cilantro soup was awesome. I added extra cilantro because I am a cilantro fanatic. My husband even likes these recipes and he doesn’t like any type of “diet” or “program.” The recipes fit easily into the course of a regular day. I did regular eggs instead of the frittata but I am definitely going to try it maybe over this weekend. I have yet to do any seafood because my husband doesn’t like it. But I will do it for myself when I make something else for him. I know that I am less bloated, so I have probably dropped a few pounds. I see a difference when I look at my face in the mirror. It is not puffy, and as I said my skin is clearer, and it seems that I did maybe drop a pound or two. Probably my favorite thing of all was that I had no desire for any of the Halloween candy that we gave out or that my son brought home! I was very proud. I think eating this way really does stop your cravings for the unhealthy stuff! I am very thankful to have found you and your husband. I really need to do a testimonial for his CD’s also. Both my son and myself have had excellent results with these programs, I have 6 and Think Right Now For Windows. I love to put my own affirmations in the windows program. My son even made his own. I am going to make some that will keep me specifically eating this way. My son has had a real rough year. My husband has been out of work, and it has affected him greatly. I have used Freedom From Depression and Real Self-Esteem (9-13) and also Anger Management. They have helped us both a great deal. I knew the next step was our diets, and your cookbook is going to be the final component to help us turn this thing around!! By the way I am not on any meds, I believe in natural supplementation, but I have been dealing with depression in the last year. I feel that this cookbook will be a much better alternative to depression medications. Not to mention cheaper!

So once again, let me stress how thankful I am to have found you both. You have become my heroes and my new mentors! God bless your family and please keep doing the wonderful things you are doing.

Alison Crawford, FL


Hi Sherry,

I began the Quick Start program while I was recovering from a small bout of food poisoning. I didn’t experience any more symptoms of it once I was on Sherry’s eating plan. In the four days that I tried it, I felt that I was sleeping better, had no hunger between meals and I lost 2.5 pounds. The third morning I woke up feeling more refreshed than usual, no doubt from a better night’s sleep. My favorite recipes on the program were the Carrot & Cilantro Soup and the Asparagus with Pine Nuts & Balsamic Vinegar. I took Sherry’s suggestion and bought some Earth Balance, which tasted very much like real butter.

Thank you!

Betty Peters


Hi Sherry,

The reason I decided to partake in the invitation for Great Taste No Pain is because I have a lot of combustion (rumbling, bloating and gas) going on in my stomach all the time, even when I eat healthy things. I am always hungry, so I eat until I am overstuffed. I was amazed on my 1st day, how the combustion was almost completely gone. I would say it is down 90% and when I’m full, it is a comfortable full not that over-stuffed bloated feeling.

As for the recipes, I am very impressed, they are easy to make and Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Good! One of my favorites is the carrot/cilantro soup. I made it for friends and they also loved it! I am looking forward to more wonderful recipes!

Thanks for all your hard work and sharing this valuable information!

Donna, Michigan


Hi Sherry,

It is Nov 2nd and I have had such a shift of sustained energy from the 4 day plan I almost forgot to send this description of my experience to you!!!

In the 1st day and a half, I was skeptical and tempted to skip eating fruit first on an empty stomach. Every time I moved, I hurt. I almost convinced my self that fruit was responsible for my headachy and almost hung over feeling the 1st 18 hours. I am so glad I resisted and didn’t cheat.

My energy has completely shifted and I have been nicknamed the ever ready bunny by friends and family!!! This is quite a change from last week before I began the plan. I was becoming the Queen of the 15 minute power nap…. who could over shoot the 15 minutes by an hour at times!!!!

The 5 lbs I have dropped effortlessly is an added bonus, but the greatest gift of all is that

I DO NOT have any acid reflux that took me by surprise when I would lie down. The burping and pain in my throat is gone. The most incredible thing happens – I sleep soundly. As if I was a kid without any cares or worries in the world!! And when I wake up I am not reaching for tissue to blow my runny nose!

I haven’t needed to take any antacids or aspirin/ibuprofen for queasy stomachaches and headaches. I only wish I had discovered this years ago. I feel wonderful and happier – it is quite delightful to feel this fabulous and radically DIFFERENT & with fast results from such simple effortless changes!!

If I had to pick a favorite recipe it would be the soup w/ cilantro – it would be the best ever!!!

Thank You Thank You Thank You for sharing this wonderful information!!!

It is so simple – I am happily astounded. Thanks so much –

MMC – Houston Texas



I had to write you and tell you of the success I have had since using the food combining principles I learned in your “Great taste, No Pain” system. First, let me start by thanking you for opening up my eyes. I had always had discomfort after eating, felt bloated, tired, had stomach pain etc…….but had grown accustomed to dealing with the discomfort. I didn’t realize how much pain I was actually in until I changed how I combined my food. When you expect a stomachache after a meal, it’s nothing short of a miracle when you realize that you’ve gone through the entire day without pain!!

The wonderful part of what I’ve learned through your system is that you don’t have to give up anything as long as you combine it properly. Because of this, I was able to easily follow the food combining guidelines knowing that if I couldn’t have something this meal, I would build it into my next meal. I didn’t feel deprived or like I was missing anything, which was generally how I’ve felt before when trying to alter my eating habits.

Another wonderful, but not so expected outcome was weight loss. I have always battled with my weight, and since using your techniques for the last few months I have been able to lose over 20 lbs without any additional exercise than I had been doing previously. I am now the size and shape that is right and healthy for my body. My body feels better, lighter… ENERGIZED!!!! I just can’t imagine EVER going back to the way I ate before.

Thank you again, Sherry. Learning the correct way to eat has changed my life and if writing this story has influenced even one other individual to try your system and change theirs, then it was well worth it.

A Faithful Follower,

Jill Stevenson


Hi, Sherry:

I have to be honest, while I have not instituted your recipes; just the food combining has been a Godsend.

You see, every morning, wanting to be a healthy person and “do what is right” for my body, I’ve been making a protein drink. Now, if any of you know about protein power, it is not the most tasty thing. To disguise it, I was mixing it with apple juice. Well, while that did indeed make it more palatable, I was getting a stomachache every day. I just thought I just had a touchy stomach in the morning. As you well know, it was mixing the protein with the fruit that was doing it! Well, since I have stopped using the apple juice, guess what? NO stomach aches!

Additionally, I have been careful about eating more veggies and using the A+B and A+C list to eat. What a difference! No more heartburn, stomach aches, etc. And, this past weekend I was careless and ate some starch with protein. Yikes! I paid for that!

I was so excited I bought your diet book (the deluxe edition) as a Christmas present for my sister (who has had stomach and diarrhea problems). I might just give it to her as an early gift so she can have a happier Christmas!

Anyway, thank you for opening my eyes and helping me feel so much better so quickly! I am looking forward to a much healthier and happier holiday season.

The best to you and your family…and thanks again!

Virginia Baker, CA



For years, I have suffered from severe gastrointestinal pain, usually soon after eating. Antacids and other similar aids did not help. Basically, I’ve just endured it all these years.

When I downloaded your report “Pain-Free In 1 Day,” I did it just out of curiosity to see what it said. Frankly, it sounded too simple to really do as you claimed, but I decided I had nothing to lose by giving it a try – so I did.

I was amazed that after breakfast I did not have my usual pains. I thought those pains would show up eventually, but they did not.

Same thing happened after lunch – no pain! And no pain after dinner either.

I thought you said I’d be pain-free in one day. Well it did not take a day for me! My pain never happened right from the start. I think you should just simply call your report, “Pain-Free.”

Ray Saunders


Hi Sherry,

Our story may be a bit different from many due to the fact that my wife and I both had bariatric surgery (gastric bypass) 4 years ago. As a result, our digestive systems do not produce near the amount of acids to break down foods that normal stomachs do.

However, the surgery requires an even more careful selection of food. There is an ongoing battle to balance nutritional needs while fighting nausea and pain.

After receiving your material, we have completely changed our shopping list and meals.

We plan our meal combinations much more carefully and we are having fun experimenting with the new recipes.

It then occurred to us, since we have been doing this, we have had pain free days and nights and each day we have felt a little better mental awareness, a sense of wellness, and more “spring in our step.”

This system is making a difference. We feel we are on a better path towards a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you!

Mark Shaw, IA


Hi Sherry,

I can’t thank you enough for the astounding results I achieved with your 4-day no pain eating plan. Now I’m looking forward to receive your book to cook your recipes. Thanks to your no pain eating program I’m eating much healthier than before and even my trousers fit me much better. Now I know that I can eat healthily without any pills for acid reduction or elimination. In fact, today I went to visit my doctor and after he checked my stomach and my abdominals, he found them nearly completely healed. In fact, he told me I don’t need any pills anymore. I told him about my eating plan and he agrees with it. Since I am a teacher and had acid reflux, it was a problem for me because my problem was getting hoarse. Now I have solved my stomach and voice problems as well. Thanks very much and I honestly and strongly recommend your no pain eating program to anyone to who suffers from stomach problems.


Mariella Camilleri, Malta



I’ve been an RN for 28 years so I’m sort of familiar with how the body works. I’ve seen so many people over the years that I knew were so toxic because their bodies were loaded down with waste. When I did home health, in so many cases, I knew the first accomplishment would be to get them cleaned out, if possible, before any other body system improved. The thing I have discovered is that you can tell people how they should eat or what they should or shouldn’t do but you can’t make them.

I have worked with pregnant women many of my years and have had discussions with physicians regarding the illnesses of pregnant women. I have discussed my thoughts regarding the diet and elimination processes, for example, the frequency and causes of toxemia of pregnancy. I practically got laughed at and was told by one doctor that if I could figure out the cause of toxemia that I could win the Nobel Prize for Medicine. I just wanted to say to him first of all, was DA–DA!! Let’s begin with the most simple concept first. One person’s body has to nourish, oxygenate, and to eliminate for two

now—TOXEMIA–(a build up of toxins in the body.) I read “Fit for Life” a few years ago and it made more sense that anything I had read so far.

At 51 years old, and after many years of frustration by not “getting the horse to drink the water you have led him to,” I figured out the best and only hope is to do it yourself. Only then can you be a witness. I wouldn’t buy a vacuum cleaner if the salesman didn’t use one at his house! If they still aren’t listening, then you are the one who has the energy to find someone else to tell.

Myself, I feel so much better, have much more energy and if I don’t get things done, it’s because I just don’t want to do it, not because I don’t have the energy. My mind is clearer and I can so focus now and couldn’t before. I feel as though my mind is waking up. After eating like I do now, rather than the way I ate before, I don’t look and feel like I’m nine months pregnant before I go to bed!!!

I want to include this in regard to my 21 year old son’s experience. He has indigestion severely a lot. (I might add he loves his beer too!) I’ve been so afraid of him developing a bleeding ulcer. I convinced him to eat a dinner one night and not to mix his proteins and carbs only. Two to three hours after the meal he said, “Mom I feel like I haven’t had anything to eat but I’m not hungry at all. I feel good! I came home from work two days later and he was doing it on his own simply because of the relief he had gotten from that one meal.

Thanks for this opportunity!



Dear Sherry:

I have suffered with stomach problems all my life.

I have gone from one doctor to another doctor to another to try and end the pain I feel each and every day. I am a health nut…exercise daily, eat healthy foods, avoid sweets, etc. I am 5’8” and between 125-130 lbs. I look good but feel terrible.

When I read your information I thought I may as well give it a try. I’ve tried hundreds of things in the

past…what’s one more program. I have always believed that one day I’d find a solution for my pain.

I am ecstatic to say the least! Your program works.

For the first time I can enjoy a meal and feel great after I eat…no pain, no bloating, and no stomach cramps…I feel great!

I am so thankful for the information you have provided me. I love your recipes…my family enjoys them also. With 7 children it is difficult to find meals all will enjoy.

Thank you for making an incredible difference in my life!



I am 36 years old, and although my symptoms did not reach the severity that yours did, Sherry, I have always wondered what it was like to really “feel good.”

I finally do, after trying your detoxifying diet. I am awake and alert when I wake up in the morning, I feel good all the time, my migraine headaches have gone away, and my allergies are gone.

This is definitely a great discovery for anyone who has ever suffered from any type of stomach ailment. I also have not had one speck of heartburn with any food or exercise, and I was a daily sufferer. This way of eating is easy to master and with the help of the pocket guide, dining out is simple and pain free. Thank you, Sherry and the Great Taste No Pain team.

Shelly DeMarsh, NY


Hello Mrs. Brescia and Team!

I am writing to you after trying the Great Taste – No Pain way of food combining for a week. My problems began at the age of 10, a couple of months after moving from Poland to Germany. I had no energy and felt lethargic till mid afternoon; even though there were no mental problems and all blood work came back perfect. I was eating healthy food but it seemed as if my body didn’t absorb enough nutrients anymore, I had frequent stomach aches, constipation, gas, and felt miserable overall. It continued throughout my adult life and became just a part of me since I didn’t want to take any pills.

After reading your book everything comes together and makes sense again. Growing up in communist Poland with farm fresh food and limited access to meat products, we frequently ate the right combination of foods like a tomato sandwich for breakfast, a vegetable soup for lunch or cheese and ham by itself. (I saw that there are even some traditional polish recipes included in your book.) Anyway I see how the new food combinations in Germany and the USA affected me and my digestive system. It took all my energy to digest breakfast, then after a couple of hours my energy went up just to be muffled by another lunch mis-combination.

I can’t tell you how great I felt after the first day of your suggested diet! The breakfast frittata was so yummy! By the second day I was zooming around getting stuff done in the early morning which was so seldom for me before. I had lots of energy all day long! And no pain, gas, belching or burping whatsoever! I am addressing people here that think they need coffee in the mornings to wake up. The right breakfast with the right food combinations will do it without messing up your stomach in the process.

Thank you for another benefit I noticed, that my breath smells much better now. It was pretty bad before although I brush my teeth. Thank you again Mrs. Brescia for writing this book and giving me back a pain free life!

Warm Greetings,

Martina Stroupe, Kentucky


Hello Sherry

This may not be the kind of ‘success’ story you had in mind, but it is mine.

I didn’t fit the profile……no heartburn, no acid reflux, no constipation, etc. But I had heard of combined eating and was curious. At first I just read it then put it in a file. But my curiosity remained, so I finally decided to give it a go. You can imagine I was surprised to find that, even though I hadn’t suffered from digestive problems, I began feeling better immediately.

I have noticed more energy and more restful sleep. As an added bonus, my ‘tummy’ is less obvious. These things I had thought were just part of aging turned out to be poor eating habits.

It is hard to describe how it feels to just feel better. There is a sense of physical well being that had been missing.

Encourage people who feel “OK” to give Pain-Free a try. They might be as surprised and pleased as I have been.

Sharon Campbell


I am vegetarian, and I do not take any medicine but homeopathy. Still, the wrong mixing of food was a problem. Now, I understand why it was. It is a fact that, as I live in Egypt, some of the food you talk about cannot be found. I try to manage with the others and it is fine.

I can’t say I have severe pain, but I have bloating and a gas problem and feel heavy after eating. Some years ago I had the gall bladder removed, so I do have some food that I cannot digest. After the second day I began to feel much better. I especially noticed that after a meal, I am not feeling bloated and I do not have gas at all. Also the bad smell in urine has gone away.

My energy rose and I do wake up feeling good and ready for the day. And great – my skin looks brighter.

I thank you very much for all this improvement and your great job.

Sylvie Attia



Hi Sherry

Thanks for your emails.

I am so relieved that I have found something that works for my seemingly complex stomach. I was suffering from a bloatedness caused by a range of food items, listlessness, lack of energy and irregular bowels.

Since I started the Great Taste No Pain program, the bloatedness has subsided and I have freedom from this perpetual discomfort. My energy levels are up and I can actually work enthusiastically for a whole day and then at the gym after work, still feeling good.

My bowels are regular like clockwork without any strain.

Many thanks to your program.

Thanks and greetings.

Johan Fourie



Ok, I did notice quite a positive change in my energy level after just 2 days on your “Pain Free In 1 Day” dietary regimen. I have, as of three weeks ago, been said to be free of the Non-Hodgkins B-cell Lymphoma which I was diagnosed with 2 years ago. My energy level has never fully returned post chemotherapy and I was beginning to wonder if it ever would. Thankfully, I have experienced no stomach pain or bowel disturbance since being on the regimen. More importantly, I have begun to have enough energy to begin an exercise program, which really is something I have been looking forward to being able to accomplish. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

W.B. Harrison, Ph.D., Georgia


Hi Sherry

I ordered my great taste no pain on 30 December, can’t wait to get my recipe book.

So far I have lost 7 kilos, and I am feeling great even though I have quite a bit more to lose. My reflux has stopped and I definitely have more energy, I am recuperating from a knee operation, I have just started exercising and I feel like I could take on the world.

The only problem I have had so far is eating out, and I know that will be solved as soon as I receive my recipe book with the dining out part.

Thank You

Christine Mausolf from South Australia



I’m back to being a “normal” person…no more abdominal pain, running to the bathroom every hour or so, and my stomach, which I thought was fat, is much flatter…apparently more bloat than fat!

Thank you!!

Leata Thomas, GA


Hi Sherry

My name is Ava Barrett and I am nearly 60 years old. For the past two years I have suffered problems with my digestion.

I have been diagnosed with gall stones, hiatal hernia and GERD and prescribed antacids and a proton pump inhibitor called Lansoprazole. My specialist made me believe my condition was quite trivial and just told me to take the medication when I needed it.

I am sure the medication made matters worse and I eventually reached the point where I just did not know what to eat because literally everything I ate gave me pain and made me so uncomfortable.

In desperation I went on the internet to look for possible solutions and came across your site. I was interested immediately as the idea appealed to me much more than taking drugs for the rest of my life.

I tried your system and found it worked almost immediately. I have even mentioned the regime to others I know who have similar problems and recommended they take a look at your site.

Thank you so much.

Ava Barratt, England


Hi Sherry:

I am a 65 yr. old mother and grandmother who has suffered bloating, painful gas (from both ends of the system), allergies, diverticulosis, and elevated cholesterol (the “good” as well as the” bad”) all of my adult life.

I recently had a stent placed in one of my coronary arteries.

Because of increasingly severe gastrointestinal symptoms I did a Google search for “diverticulosis and diet.” Yours was the 1st web site listed of approx. 58,300. I thank God every day since visiting the site and following your system.

Results include:

1. gas and pain free living

2. increased energy

3. improved sleep pattern

4. no mid-night urination

5. improved sense of taste

6. no itching or running nose or cough

7. more alert and forgetting less

8. eating 2 to 3 times the amount of food and weighing 3 lbs. less

…and this is only my 2nd week of following the system.

Thank you for providing me with the tools necessary for improving the quality and, I hope length, of my life.


June, FL



I am so glad that I found you on the internet.

You have changed my life. I have had stomach pain for the last ten years. After many tests and even exploratory surgery no doctor has been able to diagnose the problem. I thought I was destined to suffer for the rest of my life.

Since I have been eating the right combination of foods, my pain is gone. I have been on the program for a week, so I will keep you posted. I am so excited about how much better I feel and I have also lost 2 pounds so far. I am eating delicious food and am not hungry.

Thank you for all of your help.

Mary K Norman, Louisiana


Dear Sherry,

I have no doubt in my mind that it was Divine Providence that your amazing diet and wonderful cookbook offer caught my attention.

For the past seventeen years, off and on, I have suffered from bouts of diverticulitis, to the point that I was “sick” and on almost total bed rest for weeks on end. My own medical doctor would give me the usual treatment of heavy antibiotics and clear diet (broth/jello) until things would “settle down.”

Never once did he inform me that it was my poor choices in not only what I was eating, but as important – what I was eating together.

My last bout of the diverticulitis was no sooner “treated” the traditional way when it came back with a vengeance on the rebound – the very first time I unknowingly violated your common sense rules on eating and dietary choices.

Since ordering your book (and listening to Mike’s Think Right Now CD’s on diet and healthy eating) I have not had an episode of diverticulitis, have not needed any medication for “treating” it, have lost weight without any hunger and most importantly – canceled my surgery for bowel reconstruction.

I am well on my way to regaining an Alkaline/Acid balance that will support long term vitality by following your recommendations.

In a way I feel I should be mad at my doctor for not knowing the importance of eating properly and what never to mix together, but then I realize he was never really trained in health – his skills are in treating sickness – which means, drugs and then surgery when the drug protocol invariably fails.

God has given us all brains and we need to train those brains to seek natural remedies for the many illnesses that confront our society. Your insights into diets, proper food orders and delicious recipes should be mandatory study in medical schools – then we would have a lot more “health care professionals” treating us proactively in good health and nutrient habits and less drugs and surgery. Wouldn’t that do wonders for the national health care costs that are running our national budget into the red?


Eric Bower


Hello Sherry,

I want to thank you for all the wonderful information and fantastic recipes I’ve received from you. My digestion has improved dramatically, and I’ve conservatively cut my Zantac dosage in half. In time, I hope to cut it out all together.

I sleep more soundly and my sinuses seem to be clearer. An additional bonus of following the program has been a 4- 1/2 pound weight loss in ten days.

We’ve used several of your recipes already. The broccoli and bowties are wonderful, and we plan to have the carrot and cilantro soup tomorrow.

Thanks again for publishing this wonderful program.

With warmest regards,

Mary Jo Errickson, New Jersey


Hi Sherry,

I have been following the Great Taste No Pain system for a few weeks now. I have had great results: heartburn and bloating have decreased. I have stopped taking Prilosec.

I have better sleep patterns, and have stopped using OTC sleep aids. (I was using them 2-4 times a week.) I have lost a few pounds and have a lot more energy.



Hi Sherry,

Thanks for the supporting e-mails. I had a dreadful build up of pain in my hands and elbows which were swollen, red, and throbbing at nighttime. The resulting visit to my Doctor and tests revealed it to be gout, a nasty form of arthritis. I started taking pills to reduce the inflation and pain. Looking on the web for cures for the gout pain brought me to your site. I immediately started the 4-day eating plan, which was absolutely very different than my regular eating plan, and I have been feeling considerable improvement. Now, I am 58 years old, and weigh 232 lbs, and in much need of losing 60 – 80 lbs. I have high blood pressure and require thyroxin. I now have your books and am changing my eating lifestyle, as well as my general lifestyle, and I will definitely keep you in the loop with my progress.

Things that have had to come out of my diet, which I love, are coffee, hot chocolate, chai latte teas, bean stews and chilies. Although red meat is also something to avoid, I really didn’t eat a lot anyway. However the carrot soup has definitely filled the gap, and I love the pancake and the ratatouille.

The roads are still too icy for walking outdoors, but another month and I will be on the march.

Will keep in touch,

June Ballantyne, British Columbia


Good morning from Australia, Sherry!

Since following your system, I have stopped taking medication for reflux.

More importantly I had been using a puffer for asthma, I have not had to use this at all!

I suspect now it was my foods causing this problem.

I have more energy, so consequently I am doing more exercise.

I have never been constipated actually the opposite, my bowel movements, now, appear to be “normal!”

Today I take delivery of a treadmill, as a 70 year old, it isn’t wise to walk alone, so I hope I can report very soon of my walking success!

Very best wishes,



Dear Sherry,

Thank you so much for this amazing support for all of us that have benefited from your wisdom and your big heart in sharing all that you can with us.

Sherry – I am asking your help with correcting my spelling, I am from Israel and learning English as a second language….

….. A knock on my door startled me from deep thinking, it’s my 54th birthday, I am in pain and “some one” is knocking on my door…I went to open, reluctant….standing at the door in its full glory – “THE CHANGE OF LIFE”.

“I am here – to be with you at every moment and your life will change”.

I don’t welcome change especially if it brings me pain!!!!

And every thing did change, only that I was not understanding how all this is affecting every part of my body.

The most evident change was growing pain in my digestive system. I went searching for answers and felt deep sadness for the loss of comfort, the constant pain.

And one day, I was guided by sheer magic to your information, “can it be this simple?” YES YES AND YES AGAIN!!!! The experience of “no pain” for the first full day was amazing. I felt so happy; I felt once more the magic of life, and the magic of my body responding with clarity to your guiding wisdom.

How can I ever thank you? Well, the way I found best is by sharing this with all that are looking for the answer.

My spirit is free to create and my body to dance.

God bless you.

With gratitude –

Ofra Messiah



I used the program for 4 days. I actually was so constipated on day 1 I used suppositories to help. I thought I was going to pass out from the pain. I e-mailed a friend of mine and she said this happened to her several years ago and she used a sof’nter tea and took Fiberzon or psysillium seeds in her juice. I have completed the 4 days and I feel 150% better and I’m still using the recipes. I’m so afraid to eat anything binding like bread or cheese – I’m not eating these things and may not ever again. I love the pain free diet. To me the diet is normal and we should eat this way every day. Thank you so much!!! Though I’m still having a bit of a bowel problem it’s not what it was on that 1st day and at least the toxins seem to be moving out. I’ll continue the diet and will continue to take some kind of fiber in my juice every day until my body is cleaned out or feels normal again.

Thanks, again!!! I definitely recommend the pain free diet and if I can help you achieve your goals in selling the product in any way, please let me know. You are truly an inspiration!

In good health,



Dear Sherry,

Following chemotherapy for a blood cancer, I developed severe GORD (GERD in American) and have been on heavy doses of proton pump inhibitors for the past 12 months. Even on this high dosage lying down to sleep at night has been quite unpleasant.

My gastroenterologist doesn’t want me to stay long term on 80mg Nexium and 300mg of Tazac daily and feels that I probably need a surgery – fundoplication. As I am very keen to avoid surgery, I searched for alternative ways to manage my problem, and found your web site.

The gastroenterologist agreed that I could try your system and advised me how to wean off the medications.

After six days of Great Taste No Pain, I am seeing benefits. I have been able to cut my daily Nexium intake in half, and am able to sleep on just one pillow.

I no longer have the constant sensation of acid burning up the esophagus into my mouth.

Other side benefits include drier, clearer nasal airways enabling me to breathe through my nose even at night (no snoring!), and relief from the burning and aching sensation in my fingers which I suspect is owing to early stage rheumatoid arthritis.

I am still experiencing some mild gastric pain and headaches, and I have a sore throat (but not from acid

burn), but I’m hopeful that these symptoms will pass as my body detoxifies and adjusts to altered pH levels.

I am also hopeful that I will be able to completely wean off the medications.


Jan Badcock, Australia


Hi Sherry

I am so happy to report that the super simple step-by-step regime of what to eat went down really well. I am not suffering from any pain or flatulence, I feel full of vitality and am not tired. Thank you so much for coming up with your great taste no pain solution. I am definitely going to buy your book so that I can experiment with your 112 recipes.

Thanks again for your wonderful solution.

Take car and always stay blessed.

Irene Fernandez, United Kingdom


Hi Sherry,

Great Taste No Pain has been the answer in healing my stomach that I suspected was an acid problem which I’d had just learned to live with.

But the astounding result for me was the pain has completely disappeared from my finger joints & knees.

I am a runner & after completing a 60 k mountain run in December have been having time out. Then for some reason I started to get identical pain in both knees constantly even though I was not training. My finger joints also began to swell & ache.

The reason was simply too much acid in my system. I’m so grateful for your help. Thank you.

Kind Regards

Ruth Bellew


Hello Sherry,

I have purchased your “Great Taste No Pain” system and I really appreciate your pocket reminder, it opened my eyes. I’ve known for years that we must learn to eat and I recognise the great tips you are giving.

I have IBS and Gastritis after taking “Diclofenac” pain killers for over a year. I have pain in my feet and knees because of my flat feet and over acidity. The over acidity is under control now, I hope the Gastritis is getting better (I am taking medicament for it).

With your tips like eating fruits on empty stomach, drink BEFORE a meal not during, not to mix Starch and Protein and the list of alkaline foods I got great results getting rid of my swollen belly.

Coffee, sugar and stress was for me an immediate problem, I was addicted to it, now I have better control and I drink a lot more filtered water.

The “Think Right Now” CD for eating right is a great help.

Claude Pelletier, Germany


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