Easy Gardening System


  • Have you ever wished that you could grow your own greens and vegetables, but were afraid it would be too time consuming, or complicated?
  • Are you tired of spending too much money for fresh Organic Produce?
  • Would you like to have more Greens (Kale, Lettuce, Chard, Wheat Grass, Celery, Parsley, etc.) than you know what to do with for your Green Smoothies?
  • Do you want to become Independent of Big Agra, GMOs, Monsanto, and Oppose Agenda 21?

If you said yes to any of the above, I have the PERFECT ANSWER for you!

Check out these Two COMPLETE TURNKEY GARDENING SYSTEMS – they are Blowing Me Away!
(Ironically, they have similar names):

The Tower Garden is an Aeroponic, Water-based system.

The Garden Tower is an Organic, Self-Composting, Soil-based system.

Be SURE to check out BOTH SYSTEMS – they are different, but Complimentary!

Benefits of the TOWER GARDEN:
Tower Garden
Tower Garden
  • Aeroponics is the best system for fastest growth, and the greatest nutrient uptake by the plants.
  • Aeroponics conserves water.
  • Very little electricity is necessary to power the pump, and the pump can be set up to run off of a solar panel.
  • The Tower Garden can be financed for 12 months with no interest or financing charges.
  • Flat rate shipping of $50.
  • Lower up front cost (because of the financing).
  • Double UVB stabilized construction materials expected to last 20+ years.
  • Food Grade plastic – all parts.
Benefits of the GARDEN TOWER:
Picture of a planted Garden Tower on a deck
Garden Tower
  • Can grow root vegetables such as carrots, beets, onions, potatoes, etc.
  • Oganic, Self-Composting (turns kitchen scraps into organic fertilizer).
  • I LOVE the Vermiculture composting and the “worm tea” components of this system
  • The soil is better aerated (because of the worms) than traditional forms of gardening in soil.
  • Water is conserved.
  • Lower total cost of system.
  • Made in America – I love that it was started by people with a good idea and they made it happen
  • Shipping is only $38.60.
  • Does Not require electricity.
  • Made with Food Grade materials.
  • Does not require the additional purchase of nutrient solution (it comes from the compost).
This is the Tower Garden on my front porch. Gardening has NEVER been so easy, and I’ve NEVER been so successful at it!
A harvest off of my Tower Garden for my Green Smoothie.
This is a typical harvest for a Green Smoothie. I can get 2-3 harvests like this off of my Tower Garden PER DAY!









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This is a Yahoo Group for Vitamix Owners who want to learn about growing their own veggies EASILY using one or both of these turnkey gardening systems. Curious and want more information? Click on the picture and come Join Us!


By Lea Ann Savage  Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved