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Whether you buy your Vitamix from me or not, I am more than happy to help you sort through the many models, packages, and purchase options to help you feel confident that you are getting the BEST machine for YOUR needs.  Please Contact Me so I can answer your questions, or send you pricing, and purchase information.

Of course one of the best ways to get a machine from me is at one of my live demonstrations (the offers are always great at a live demonstration).  Be sure to check my Schedule to see if I will be near you soon!

I am humbled and grateful to get many referral sales from happy and satisfied customers.   Sometimes a person didn’t by their machine from me, but they appreciate my support via phone calls, emails, and the Vitamix Enthusiasts Yahoo Group, so they send their friends and family my way…  I never take for granted your loyalty and support.  To everyone who has ever sent a customer my way, I extend my sincere and heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

AFFILIATE PROGRAMS (ways you can support the Blender Lady through SHOPPING)!

Any time you start your shopping session here (or by clicking on the word Amazon in the picture above),  If you buy anything, I get a small referral commission (and it does not increase the price of the items you bought)!  The referral commissions are small, but the traffic to this site is pretty high, and little bits of anything really adds up (if you keep a “singleton sock pile”, I’m sure you know what I mean)!  I think that you will be happy to know that all money generated by this website is divided between my web designer, the cost of quality dark chocolate, and my kid’s college fund 😉


I am an Prime member.  I buy a lot of supplements, health and beauty supplies, foods, and food additives online.  I always check between Amazon and iHerb to get the best deal.  Sometimes it is one, sometimes the other.  If you have never placed an order with iHerb, you get Free Shipping and $10 off of your first order if you use this code:  ZIC184 or click here to go shopping at iHerb! is a great place to find products that are used by Vitamix demonstrators in their shows. Enter this code:  15244 to save 20% on the Spice Blends, and the Whole Nectar Protein Powder that demonstrators sell at some Road Shows.  You can also find the amazing Demonstrator’s Knife, and other great products at! is a membership based website where you can get demonstrator recipes.   To get a 20% discount on membership fees use the promotional code:  VitamixLady  on the sign up page.





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