About Me

My boys are now 14, 18, and 21! Rusty (the Red Standard Poodle) is now a senior. I keep trying to get an updated family picture, but you know how busy life is. One of these days I’ll have a current picture to go here! Check out the “Grow Your Own Vegetables Easily” page to see more recent pictures of my 15 and 18 year old for now! 😉

I am a Vitamix Show Demonstrator who “got into the business” in 2008 because Green Smoothies helped bring me out of 7-years of debilitating, life-altering “Chronic Fatigue”. I am a teacher by nature, and training.  When I am at a show and at the end of a demonstration if someone says, “you sold me”, I always retort, “NO!  I taught you what the machine can do, and the machine sells itself!”

In the early days of my Vitamix career, I did not want my customers to buy a machine only to be left on their own without the support that I knew I could offer, so I created a small website to share my recipes.  Over time the information I was able to provide, and the ways that I supported my customers have grown.  My passion for helping and teaching have expanded beyond my own customer base, and now I offer support to Vitamix Enthusiasts all over the world via my Blender Lady website, my Yahoo Group and my Facebook Group.

I am a devoted follower of Jesus. (Please note that I did not say, “Religious, Bible-Thumper). My goal is to “listen and obey” the voice of the Holy Spirit within me 100% of the time. Thank God for grace, because I’m probably at 50/50 on my best days. But, for the rest of my time here on earth, I will “stay in the race” and “press on” towards the goal of being a Spirit-led believer 100% of the time!

I love my Vitamix machine, and love sharing it with others, because I cured my “chronic fatigue” by drinking “Green Smoothies” made in it. Most everyone who drinks Green Smoothies uses a Vitamix, because it’s the best way to turn whole, fresh fruits and vegetables into a whole-food fruit juice. (A regular blender won’t liquify cantaloupe seeds for example)! I have two fur-kids: Rusty, a gorgeous, loving, intelligent, and goofy, Red Standard Poodle; and Tyler, a Toy Fox Terrier that I lovingly call the “Holy Terrier” or the “Toy Fox Terror”. They give me unlimited amounts of joy and pleasure!

For help deciding on the best Vitamix model for your needs and budget, visit: www.BlenderBuyingHelp.com

By Lea Ann Savage  Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved