30 Green Smoothie Recipes eBook

TIP: Every other month you can join a group of people doing a 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge. With the help of this eBook! The recipe for each day is posted in this Vitamix Enthusiasts Facebook Group. Which now has over 37,000+ Blender user ENTHUSIASTS! The next “Green Smoothie Challenge” will begin on the 1st of the month! About every quarter or so but you can start anytime! Each day during a challenge, the recipe is posted, and we discuss it in the Facebook Group comments. I answer questions, group members encourage each other, offer support, and share results! Be SURE to read the comments below to see what others think of this eBook, and the challenges!

In this eBook you will find:

  • 30 Delicious, Nutritious, and SIMPLE Green Smoothie Recipes.
  • 10 Important Guidelines for beginning the “Green Smoothie Habit”.
  • Information on How to “Rotate Your Greens”, and why this is important.
  • A simple technique to help you develop ANY Habit (this simple trick is worth 30 bucks all by itself)!
  • A “Build-Your-Own Green Smoothie Chart” to help make it EASY to make your own Fantastic, Balanced, and SIMPLE Green Smoothie Recipes, with a “Proper Greens Rotation” built in!
  • Everything you need to start the Life-Long-Daily-Green-Smoothie-for-Health Habit!

* The eBook has been further updated 25/05/2020! (so, you’re getting the newest edition)

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