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NOTE: Due to Yahoo Groups change over to the NEO format, I have moved the focus of my time and energy to the Vitamix Enthusiasts Facebook Group as the primary way that I support my customers after the sale:

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There is still a great deal of valuable information in the archives of the Vitamix Enthusiasts Yahoo Email Group. You can go directly to the sign up page here:

Click Here to Join Vitamix Enthusiasts!

Click Here to Join Vitamix Enthusiasts!

If you want to get the Most from your Vitamix machine, this Yahoo Group can help! I went from using my Vitamix 2-3 times a day to 4-5 times a day just from ideas that I learned from other people!  Once you become a member, be sure to bookmark the Links Archive, the Recipes Folder, and the Photos.  There is a GOLD MINE of Valuable information here, and it’s all FREE!

Yahoo Groups is an Email List.  It is very important to learn how to use Yahoo Groups, in order to get the most benefit.  I’ve created a “How To Manage Yahoo Groups” page to help you!

We also have sister Yahoo Groups…  “Off Topic Vitamix Enthusiasts ”, “30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge“, and “Vitamix Gardens“.  If any of these groups sound like something you might be interested in, just click on the links or picture above, or the picture below… We’d love to have you join us!

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If you don’t have a Vitamix machine yet, and would like some help deciding which Vitamix Blender Model to buy, please be sure to check out my “Vitamix Buyer’s Guide” where you can get Personalized Shopping Assistance, and  information on the differences between the various Vitamix Blender models.

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16 Responses to Vitamix Email Support Group

  1. Brenda says:

    Lea Ann’s Vitamix Enthusiast group is a GREAT resource for learning fun, new ways to use this great machine. Learning from the experience of both newbies and long time owners gives you plenty of ideas for using the Vitamix to its fullest potential. I highly recommend joining the group!

  2. Linda Kinsey says:

    When I first got my Vitamix last year, I was not confident about using it. The Vitamix Enthusiast group soon got me up and going. This list offers tips, great advice, good recipes and terrific conversation about how to make your machine an important part of your life. You can ask any question about the machine or a recipe and you’ll get sound advice. I’m definitely glad I joined.

  3. Karen says:

    Lea Ann is PASSIONATE about the Vitamix and that passion and enthusiasm carry over to the group. Without question the best online resource for making the most of the Vitamix and that would include Vitamix’s own Vita-Village (of which I’m also a member).

  4. Barbara Myers says:

    I found this group from an exhaustive google search to come up with ideas and recipes for my new VitaMix. Now, most everything I know about my VitaMix I have learned from this group. What I like is that it is a very diverse, friendly and respectful group with a common goal to improve their diet and health using their vitamix. They provide tried and true tips and ideas, the archives are also very helpful and a great way to glean new ideas. I recommend this group to any one who wants to make their VitaMix the most used appliance in their kitchen.

  5. I have had my VitaMix for almost 6 years and I absolutely love it and I use it daily. But, it wasn’t until I joined Lea Ann’s VitaMix group that I really started learning how to ENJOY it and I am learning new ways to use it! This group has helped me in so many ways in caring for my family with health-supporting information. I whole-heartedly recommend this group!

  6. Nancy says:

    If you are new to vitamix or simply thinking about trying one, this is the place to be. You will learn how to use it and about it’s versatility.
    If you aren’t new to vitamix you will be able to share your expertise and still will learn from others who have used VM for a long time.
    Either way this is the group to join if you are into Vitamix.

    Not only have I learned how to use it but, it’s versatility, new recipes, and have even learned to make up my own concoctions without recipes, all due to this group. If I have problems I can find the answers in this group.
    It’s also very health oriented group.

  7. Kim Jeter says:

    Many people get a vitamix with the intention of using it all the time only to get tired of smoothies and or soup. Then they put it aside and forget about it. That’s what I did. Mine was on the shelf for several years. I knew about making ice cream with it but hadn’t had any success with it so gave up. I didn’t know about making the best ever gravy, cheese or cream sauces. Never even thought about cooking eggs. Now I chop with it too. I haven’t tried making butter yet but learned on the list that it can be done.
    Everyday I get new ideas or recipes. Sometimes I even post some of my own

  8. Vitamix Lady says:

    In May 2011, Marie from TX sent the following post to the list:

    Hi I have been on this site for a couple weeks and I love it! I had my vita-Mix for about 12 years and hardly used it. Boy I am using it now! I have made Almond milk and I ground flaked coconut into coconut flour. I am going to grind my quinoa into flour, and I am trying to eat Gluten Free. I’m also trying to not use sugar in cooking and no corn or corn product. I am still learning and this site is fantastic.

    Thank you everyone for the great hints and recipes!”

  9. Yvonne Crozier says:

    My main goal in getting a Vitamix was to increase the greens and vegetables in my family’s diet. Vitamix Enthusiasts group is full of really helpful people with great hints on how to get the most out of your Vitamix!

  10. Nancy says:

    The Vitamix Enthusiast group has become my “virtual family” and go to group for wonderful health information. There are tons of Vitamix recipes out there, but not the personal knowledge of which ones are better than others, what is healthier, nutrition wise. The members of this group know and are more than willing to share their knowledge and expertise. I am amazed at so many related healthy food preparation methods that many of our members use. I have learned about container gardening, sprouting, cooking with solar ovens. I thank Lea Ann every day for the creation of this group and all of its members friendship and knowledge. They have helped aleviate my fear of my Vitamix machine to feeling that I am slowly becoming its master. There is nothing better on here than posting a new recipe and having others chime in that it sounds great and they are going to try it too. However, I think the best thing I have gotten from this group is my new willingness to try new vegetables that I never would have tasted prior to being a part of this group. It has expanded my world! Thanks Lea Ann and everyone.

  11. Natalie says:

    The Vitamix Enthusiast Group is the best group ever. There is a lot of support, and it is great to have somewhere to ask questions and opinions about vitamixing and healthy foods. I have learned tips about the care and cleaning of my machine, fantastic recipes are shared, and love the friends I have made. Lea Ann is a perfect group leader.

  12. Leanne Ternowski says:

    Without the help of this excellent group my vitamix would probably not be used much. I use it at LEAST once a day and love all the healthy food I can make. Lea Ann is such a gracious and helpful moderator. She can answer just about any question complete with links.

  13. Pat says:

    After many, many years of owning the VM, I was going through Lea Ann’s recipes and decided to try her chicken salad. I finally used the VM to dry chop in small amounts as she suggested. Between her suggestions, and the great ideas for additions to the chicken salad, the salad turned out delicious. Chopped perfect and mixed great! The next suggestion she made regarding cleaning the narrow bottomed container by pouring water in and straining it out – is great and I will definitely try it next time. I have the dry container and don’t use it enough. I’ll have to remedy that. Lea Ann, thank you for your time, tips and great recipes!!!

  14. earlee says:

    Thanks LeAnn you are truly heaven sent.I’ve been searching the internet seems like forever trying to get ideas on how to use my 5200 creations vitamix which hasn’t been used two years when I bought it. I have the receipe book but,it just doesn’t have much info like your site. I’ve learned a lot and still reading.I can’t wait to finally turn on my vitamix for the first time in two years to see what I can make healthy.I am so tired of spending money on fruits and veggies only to let them spoil in the fridge because I just didn’t know what, when,or how to make it work for me. I got so confused until I lucked on to your site and now feel like I can make it work.I’m going to try it and with all the help from you and your group, I feel like I can finally use my vitamix to its fullest after all practice makes perfect and I’m now willing to try it. I’m working on my weight and need to use more fruits and veggies to help me along the way and make it a daily routine.THANKS AGAIN LEAANN AND THE GROUP!

  15. thomas cook says:

    I have had my vitamix for a year and just started using it. I need to acquire how to use different settings and just what the machine can do. I like to cook and have green smoothies. Iam going to use the knowledge the group can give me to use the vitamix to its fullest potential.

  16. Michael Dowling says:

    I have an ancient Super 5000 machine,and I don’t remember exactly when I bought it. I used it enthusiastically at first,then put it in the cupboard for a few years. I have lately been using it again every day or so to make what I think is a delicious yet simple smoothie: One cup of rice milk,a couple of handfuls of fresh baby spinach (amount not critical),and a cup of frozen blueberries in that order. The blueberries help push the spinach into the blades. Someone demoing the VM on YouTube advised increasing the speed in increments every 5 seconds,and eventually the blueberries will drop into the milk,with no tamping required!

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