My Cute Trailer

My Runaway on pick up day...

My Runaway on pick up day…

Have you seen this beauty tooling down the highway, or parked in front of a Whole Foods Market, a Costco, or a Sam’s Club?

I’m a Vitamix Show Demonstrator, and this is “My Cute Trailer”!   I use it to haul my booth to Vitamix Road shows, and it’s great fun to take camping!

The trailer is called a Runaway Camper, and the folks who make them are GREAT to work with!

They offer $100 for each referral, so if you end up contacting Runaway Campers, I would be VERY GRATEFUL if you told them that Lea Ann (The Vitamix Lady) sent you!

Here are some Great Resources for Research:
Corporate Website –
Community Forum –
Corporate Facebook page –
Facebook page for Runaway Owners –

I would love to hear from you! Where did you see my Runaway?  I am happy to answer any questions!  If I’m at a show, please use email:  You can check my schedule to see if I’m at a show or at home.  You can also call me, but If I’m at a show, please wait until the show is over to call:  321-961-9219



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