30 Green Smoothie Recipes


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NOTE:  Every Other month you can join a group of people doing a 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge using this eBook. The recipe for each day is posted in this Vitamix Enthusiasts Facebook Group.Which now has over 32,000+ Blender user ENTHUSIASTS!  The next “Green Smoothie Challenge” will begin on the 1st of the month!! About every quarter or so but you can start anytime! Each day during a challenge, the recipe is posted, and we discuss it in the Facebook Group comments. I answer questions, group members encourage each other, offer support, and share results! Be SURE to read the comments below to see what others think of this Ebook, and the challenges!  I hope that you…

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Green Smoothies can change your life.

 They changed mine!  


In this eBook you will find:


  • 30 Delicious, Nutritious, and SIMPLE Green Smoothie Recipes.
  • 10 Important Guidelines for beginning the “Green Smoothie Habit”.
  • Information on How to “Rotate Your Greens”, and why this is important.
  •  A simple technique to help you develop ANY Habit (this simple trick is worth 30 bucks all by itself)!
  •  A “Build-Your-Own Green Smoothie Chart” to help make it EASY to make your own Fantastic, Balanced, and SIMPLE Green Smoothie Recipes, with a “Proper Greens Rotation” built in!
  •  Everything you need to start the Life-Long-Daily-Green-Smoothie-for-Health Habit!

 Ebook is currently further updated 02/02/2019! (newest edition)

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19 Responses to 30 Green Smoothie Recipes

  1. Renee Kelser says:

    I’m excited. I don’t have Paypal so I sent you an email just a few minutes ago. I’m thrilled to send you a check to get the 30 green smoothies. Great idea and thanks for this info. I am just learning to use the Vitamix and it is daunting. Like a beautiful piece of clothing that you don’t want to wear in case you ruin it. I am going to DO IT NOW!!! Thanks for all your advice and guidance. Couldn’t do it without you.

  2. Karen Hill says:

    I had my Vitamix Blender for over a year and really only used it for mixed blender drinks, I am exicited to learn new and healthy recipes. I stumbled on your website searching for Vitamix soup recipes. I sent you a donation on paypal and I am excited to get your ebook.

  3. wendy Harper says:

    Over the past 2 years with my 2 Vitamix machines I have done 4 of thirty day challanges. The one with the book was fairly good; but the last one you developed was the best. It was wonderful to use the food items several times to limit cost and waste and keep things as fresh as possible. The items chosen were avaiable to almost everyone everywhere no matter what the season or location. I live in Florida so it was very easy to find all the greens and fruits even in November and January. Along with others I was one who gave a BIG YES to you on doing a book. Never thought with everything you do it would be finished so soon.
    About 2 times a year I give a donation to you of $25 to $50 plus ALWAYS go through your site to order on Amazon. I do not know how to open files on my computer or do much with it, so I cannot order the book, but if I could, I would think between $12 and $19 would be a value price and allow all of us to support you on what you provide for us on a day to day basis. I would be willing also to purchase 3 or 4 for those people who are faithful to our site and on limited or fixed incomes as we know from their messages. I am sending a $50 paypal donation but please DO NOT bother to send me the document as I cannot get it. Thanks for all the healthy work you do for us. I know with GS I sure feel better and have more energy.

  4. Blender Lady says:

    Wendy, it’s in the mail!

  5. Alane says:

    I love your resources! Thank you! I just got a vitamix today and stumbled upon this page while looking for recipes. I can’t wait to get my green smoothie PDF. Thanks for the recipes!

  6. Michelle says:

    Hi, Looking forward to getting the smoothie recipes. Just sent donation. Thank you

  7. Dann says:

    I cannot say enough about the invaluable knowledge the Lea Ann has in health and nutrition. I understand that Vitamix is her main focus, but her knowledge on overall health extends way beyond the Vitamix. She is truly a full support system and gives motivation. If the need is to buy a Vitamix or just to ask questions on overall health Lea Ann is your person. The green smoothie recipe document is an excellent source of information to help turn ones health around. Lea Ann thank for everything you do and the support you give to your extended community.

  8. Paige Grooms says:

    Fabulous!! Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort you put into this great resource!

  9. Lynda says:

    Just made our first green smoothie. My husband liked it, except for the color! Recipes and other ideas are inspiring me to eat healthier. Thank you.

  10. Fran Sherrell says:

    Hi! I found out through the grapevine that I’m going to find the Nutribullet Rx (the one that heats) under the Christmas tree. Can I still follow the recipes in your 30 GREEN SMOOTHIES RECIPE BOOK??? Guess Santa thought the Vitamix was not in his budget! :((

    • Blender Lady says:

      Hello Fran,

      YES you can make them in your Nutribullet, but the texture won’t be what you desire (I call what a Nutribullet makes a “chunky”, and what a Vitamix makes is a “smoothie”)!

      Please be sure to contact me when you are ready to upgrade! (ask me about payment plans)

  11. carole labonte says:

    where can I purchase this book? only on line?

    thank you in advance!!!

    • Blender Lady says:

      Hello Carole,

      Yes, this is an Ebook – I looked into a physical copy, but it was cost prohibitive. Many people print the PDF double sided, in color, then take it to Office Depot and they will spiral bind it (with a clear plastic front cover, and a solid colored back cover) for only $4.50

  12. Debra Thompson says:

    I just ordered and excited to try your next 30 day challenge. I get in a habit of making the same thing every day, so this should be a nice change to try new and healthy smoothies.

  13. Jeanette Higgins says:

    Hi there,

    I just downloaded (and printed) the book and cannot wait to use it. I bought my vitamix in December after coveting one when my son got one in Costco in Colorado Springs a year ago. Your demonstration lady there made things so easily I can only say mine is so underused and I hope to remedy this today. I will be joining the group and hope to do the 30 day green ‘challenge’ in March – My goal is to gain energy and lose weight (which seems to have settled whilst my back was turned over this past year).
    Loved your videos and cant’ wait to join the support group.
    Keep it coming.

    Jeanette (from across the pond)

  14. Linda Melgoza says:

    Hi are the recipes in the smoothie challenge vegan?

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